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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Holy Crap! it is less than 100 days!

Holy smokes!  Yep, reality seems to hit you on the side of the head sometimes!  Today was one of those days, not that I have not seen it coming for the past 256 days, it was just one of those surreal reality checks that happen from time to time.  As I wind up the first 50% of my focused training the countdown clock is now under 100 days.  I am now in the growing intensity part of my training and on what I consider to be the homestretch towards the start line.  With the busy summer ahead, the time will blow by and before i know it I will be standing at the edge of Lake Monona waiting for a gun to go off!  Wahoo! So far it has been the time of my life and I don't expect it to be any different over the next 3 months.
As it currently stands the time should fly by, I have an event of some sort every weekend in the month of June and July.  Some are races, others are camps, a couple of volunteer events.  All that being said, training is still priority one on every one of those weekends, I only can do my first IRONMAN once, so the priorities are in place!
Today was a good run day! A short speed workout as well as a LULULEMON run club night.  I chose to go and do my speed work ahead of LULU so that I would be fresh and able to push myself.  It was a good workout, with a 15-20 minute warm up followed by a 3 mile 'time trial'.  That being said it was to be done at a 1/2 marathon pace and not a 10k?  Kind of though to call it time trial and tell you to hold back on a short distance.  I felt comfortable and held a 5 min/k pace for the run in order to follow the guideline set out.  Overall it served as a good benchmark to see how I would feel and what I would have in the tank if I was to keep going.  The season so far has been interesting from a run perspective.  When I started this training, I was a 5:30-5:45 min/k runner.  I would do that kind of run and struggle when I got to the 15-20k mark. I have now been able to bring it down to a half marathon pace of 5 min/k with a 157 HR, therefore a lot more that I could put into it.  I am hungry to be a better/faster runner, but I need to keep it in perspective for this season.  I am training for an IRONMAN not to qualify for Boston.  That being said it is great as I know that I can push myself and get to a qualifying time if I put the miles and the focus on my running.  I digress!
ANother awesome training day, a day of reality!  The start line is not the 365 days away that I was hte minute I registered.  It is a few races and some good training weekends away!
Stay tuned for some fun adventures as this journey continues to evolve!
Thank you for your visits, support and inspiration!


  1. 99 days left, time really is flying!

    Did you hear yourself there...I can only do my first Ironman once! Freudian slip, looks like you are well and truly hooked on Long Distance Triathlon :)

    I'd be happy with 5:45/Km this september!

  2. OMG, it feels like just yesterday that countdown clock was in the 200's!!! You are on track for a stellar performance come race day. My money is on you.

  3. WOW~ that is awesome!! And scary, right?? You are going to do so awesome, your training has been consistent and strong. It is 99 days until the celebration, the party, what you have been working so hard for! And you are going to totally rock it. WOOT!

  4. 98 days now. This is something you want, and you know how to get it. Pretty much that simple (plus you need to keep training ;)