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Saturday, June 19, 2010

What an awesome day!

Still running from the action packed few days! Did a sprint tri today and knocked it out of the park from a performance improvement perspective! I am happy as could be with the result. My overall result is at better is each category and it was an awesome barometer for what I can add to my sport! I will do a full report tomorrow with photos and play by play! Gotta run, the mighty canadian beer store is about to close and I need to dehydrate! Hope your day has been awesome!
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  1. Nice job, can hardly wait for the report.

  2. Hey that is awesome! Can't wait for the RR. Get lots of beer to celebrate!

  3. It was nice running into you and Hugh at Guelph Lake triathlon. Your bike and Hugh’s run were just awesome. I’m waiting for the race report to get all the details. Congrats on a great race!