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Friday, June 25, 2010

It's time to go play!

Getting up at 4am is never a good time to get up. Especially when your flight is not until 8am. With the current G20 summit in Toronto the traffic has been randomly chaotic and many friends suggested getting here way ahead of time. Seeing as I am here to go play for the weekend, I will accept it with a smile.
The airport during a political summit is an interesting place to be with a bike box. I was asked 1/2 dozen questions, what's in the box, what kind of bike, is that an instrument. Curiosity from police is a little higher than usual. With the exception of having to get rid of the CO2 cartridges, it was an easy morning! Now I have 2 hours to wait before my flight. So in proper relaxation format, I am sitting with my feet up in the Air Canada lounge having a coffee.
I am looking forward to the weekend and learning some new tricks and being exposed to the course that the race will be on in less than 3 months. It will be a great warm up.
I hope you all have a great weekend! Happy training and great race to those out there ripping it up!
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  1. Have a GREAT weekend. Enjoy the quiet of Pearson....LOL.

  2. Have a great weekend training! At least they didn't take away your wheel skewers...apparently mine were a deadly weapon ?!?

  3. Have a great trip! sounds like an excellent wknd.

  4. Have fun (and sleep on the plane!)

  5. Have heaps of fun. Sounds great.

  6. Have a great recon mission. Great practice for the big day...very smart!