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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

when life is fun it only gets better!( my rant on life)

After having an awesome weekend, a good race, fun with the best friends you could have, good weather and my health, how could you top it???  Well, I woke up this morning and for no particular reason at all it was even better!
A positive outlook is worth more than you could earn with the best job in the world, with the most money on the planet and all the toys that the companies could give you.  Being surrounded by cool people with a love for life, an excitement for the next challenge ahead of them and the challenges that they allow themselves to enjoy  is the best way to live your day!  Yep, it sounds like garbedly gook, but try it!  Enjoy the challenges that are in front of you, the people who inspire you to try something new and you will find a new world that you might think is pretty damn cool!
The last couple of weeks has been a little different with the unexpected change in career directions(or current lack thereof).  I suppose I could sit at home and worry about my future and what it brings, NO WAY!  life is to damn short to spend time doing that!  I have taken it as an opportunity to recognize my passion and a chance to go and do something about it!  After 2 weeks, I am  have now realized what it is that motivates me and where I should focus my energies, why chase the little silver ball when it does not satisfy the passion that inspires you to be the best that you can!
I choose to do triathlon because it makes me smile, it drives me to be a better athlete and to make me push myself to  new level.  It challenges me as an individual and pushes me past where I am comfortable.  I choose the friends that I do because they inspire me to be a better person and to challenge myself each day.  I choose to support charities because I feel that they are important to our future.  I work with others to reach the goals that they don't think that they can reach because I think that we all deserve to challenge ourselves and enjoy how it feels to do that!
The past few days has been all about living the life of finding fun!  If you allow yourself to be who you are, life is a cool adventure that is the best thing that we have to enjoy!  Run a race, have a drink, help someone get to a new high, fail and learn from it!  All of it is part of the journey we are here to enjoy, ENJOY IT!
Thanks to all those that inspire me, challenge me and make me push myself to new levels!  you make this life a far cooler adventure than most get to enjoy!
(disclaimer:  I don't read and edit what I write as this is a blog meant to capture what is on my mind at moment)

Training Today:

Yep, I do train today and it was awesome!
As all Tuesday are, it was a hard core bike workout, TURBO as it is commonly referred to!  Mother Nature was a little nasty today and decided that she did not want cyclist who were outside to be dry.  I decided to set up my road bike on the trainer to get my workout done.  Trainer workouts are far ore disciplined that the road, so I consider them much better.  It was a big sweat fest!  The interval hour was great, if you like that kind of stuff!  I pushed my HR, pushed my legs and kept me honest!  I need at some point to get a power meter on my bike, you can not cheat!  Although I did work hard today, the watts challenge me to go harder and to keep pushing to see what else I can do.  Although my power output was lower than the past, my speed seems to have picked up a bit.  I now need to keep working to equal the output and see how much it increases my speed.  All that being said, the trainer ride was awesome(data below)

Avg Speed:  34 kmh
Watt:  216     Max Watt:  522
Average:  90
HR:  140
Time 55 min
Distance  32.1        (great trainer ride)

The T-run was strong as well, I ran like a mad man.  The workout caller for a 2-3 HR and I did that.  My pace was a 5:03 for the run.  It was a tough run with hot weather, but it went well!  Phase 1 was only 25 minutes as I had a LULU run tonight as well!  With the weather being a  little stormy tonight, only one person joined me for the run.  She is a great runner, so Phase 2 was another great move!  Another 25 minutes at a 5min/k pace, it was a great run in the heat(mother nature was kind and kept us dry)

Overall it was an awesome day!  I trained hard and enjoyed the challenges!  Hope you enjoyed it for how good and lucky we are as well!


  1. love it. just writing it down. killer training too.

  2. nicely put, sir. I couldn't agree more

  3. well said (or written in this case)! I couldn't agree more. Each day is a present and we should do our best to treat it as such. Excellent job on the bike and run. I know most people HATE the trainer, but I love using it. Now the treadmill...that's not as much fun.
    Have a great week!

  4. Send me some of that mojo! You have a great attitude.

  5. Nice rant...was in need of this today, this morning NOTHING going my way, hahaha - poor me - hahaha - whatever, I am going to train today and its going to be awesome and its going to make me smile:) thanks

  6. AWESOME rant. Keep the mojo flowing, you have a great attitude.

  7. Two things:

    1. LOTS of money may be better than happiness.
    2. You mean MY TURBO. haha

    I should probably get it back before you sell it to pay your electricty. haha.