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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

OK, that's better!

Today was a great day all around!  Got a ton done at the office, got some house keeping items off the list and scored another great training day!  I wont bore you with the work stuff, this is about being an IRONMAN and the fun parts of the journey!  Oh yeah, and I did it right, I had some water and some proper food and felt like a champ along the road today!
Today as most Tuesday's is a sprint type workout on the bike, it is meant to be done on a trainer.  When the weather is 25+ degrees, improvisation is key.  There is no way that I am riding indoors on day like today.  SO I studied my workout and took it on the road.  It worked out well for me.  I ended up at the office late so getting the workout done would have been a time crunch.  As well as my Tuesday ride which I have not missed yet, I have my Tuesday run with the LULULEMON store.  So, with my improvised bike workout I figured I could ride to the store, and do a T-run with the group.  What a great workout it was!
My ride to the store was perfect to get me in the zone that I was aiming for as well as hte sprints that were in the ride.  The T-run was a great 7k run at a decent pace(not fast, but that is not the purpose)  The ride home was the icing on the cake for a great workout, with a fast downhill bias ride with my legs warm and turning well!
Th LULU run was great from an attendance perspective.  All the people coming out right now are working towards a goal and taking the advice that I have been talking to them about.  ONe girl has improved her run time by 20 seconds in only a few weeks by introducing and sticking with the ideas that we discussed.  She is quote modest about her progress, but I can see the changes.  ANother girl has asked for some help training for a 1/2 marathon this summer with a goal of 1:40.  It is a lot of fun as people are evolving as runners and wanting to push goals. It is so cool to be a part of that process.
I signed up for a couple of sprint events today over the course of the next 2 months, this week I will register for a 1/2 IM distance race in early August.  Hitting send with my registration seemed to bring a little more reality to the training that I am doing! it is exciting!
I hope you had an awesome training day and feel pumped about your progress!  It is all about Living the Dream!  Cheers


  1. Great job on the improvisation! after winter riding indoor right now is the bonus club runs.

  2. Hitting the send button always adds a HUGE reality check, but thats what we love to do. Great work today :)