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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What to do next.....??

ANother great day on the pool deck and in the water!  Today was a 3500m swim with a few repeats at a light intensity.  Overall it was a great swim.
In the past when I would get towards the end of a longer practice, my HR would go up, my form would collapse and it became a bit of an effort in finishing it. It was all done without much form or finesse. Today I can claim to have maintained some form towards the end of the practice, finesse, that will have to wait a while. After all I am swimming not trying to do a water ballet act!  The pool today was awesome, the entire practice I share the lane with my training buddy with no one else in there to break a rhythm up.
Half way through practice today, Laura who I met on Monday joined our lane for a few lengths.  She is new to tri and is going to do her first sprint later this summer.  She decided to do it as she said it seems like the thing to do.  She was a competitive swimmer and has run some 1/2 marathons.  She got a bike this year, all the dots are there so she is connecting them!  As she was swimming I noticed that she is lightning fast, so I thought I might see if I could draft her for a few lengths.   Not a chance!  Within one length she has 2-3m on me, by the end of the 3rd she was probably 10m away.  When we stopped I told what i was doing and she laughed.  She was a sprint competitive swimmer, so a 200m is where she shines, goes like mad and then it is done.  It was a good exercise to do, a little humbling though.  She said that she could not get in the water and stick it out for 2500m as a straight swim.  Thanks, she was just trying to save me from total embarrassment.   Even with getting mu butt kicked, it was an awesome swim, the effort felt smooth and quiet.  I commented that all the training seems to be helping out a bit a this point!
As the weekend of my recovery week is half done, I am trying to strategize what to do next??  Please forward any advice that you might feel is good.  This week should be easy  as the load starts to get a little tougher next week and moving ahead.  However, this Saturday is the Ride for Cancer and I am doing a 160km ride 2 days in a row.  A total of 320k for the weekend with the T-runs added in for good measure.  Do I ramp down my run workout tomorrow and use the recovery time?  Or do I just do what it says and suck up the extra 7-8 hours on the bike and do all my training as scheduled next week?  As I head into the more intense training I don't want to do it tired.  I will likely tone down my run workout tomorrow a bit and then do a short swim(OWS) on Friday.  I will have some bonus miles on the weekend and still cover my long run distance as part of my T-run.  Afterall, the ride is meant to be done at an easy pace, so it can't do anything but add to the god in the long run!
I hope your training week has been awesome!


  1. i'd vote for a day off (or just swimming) before the 2xrides and a lil' swim and a lil' run the day after.
    Mind you, I'm not expert

  2. Definitely ramp down the run and swim - that's a lot of riding coming up!

  3. With all that riding coming up, I agree - a bit of rest might be a good thing! :) Have fun!

  4. A rest or something for fun...