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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hump day, gotta love it!

I guess every day is hump day while I am in my current between job state!  Not really, I have been working on a few projects that are keeping me as busy as being at work.  So, hump day this week is great as it means that I am one day closer to heading down to Wisconsin for a 2 day training camp for IM.  I am so pumped about being able to go down there to ride and run the course, it will give me a lot more confidence when it comes to race day.  Having some familiarity with what I am about to tackle will be a great help in having a ore successful event!  But, it might not be either!  In any case it is going to be an awesome weekend surrounded with other IM athletes working towards the start line together in September!
Non training, I am working on getting back to work!  As I have worked in the same industry for close to 15 years, I feel that I have reached an end to the opportunity.  I am at a point where I am not feeling inspired.  That being said, I am taking the time that I have to seek and develop opportunities that closer reflect my passion and the things that I would have pursued later had this not happened.  I will surely have an exciting few weeks working towards this goal.  Enough about work, this is a blog about training!
Today was an awesome day at the pool!  I have had an action packed week with training  a minimum of 2 workouts a day since Saturday.  I am starting to feel the week piling up, but the swim did not show it!  The intervals have now gone from 100m repeats to 400m repeats.  Not long ago 2 or 3 of them would have knocked the wind out of me and I would have had to push myself through the workout. Today I kept my form, my speed and my HR all the way through. Even the kick part of the practice saw improvement from the past weeks.  In the last 1/3rd of the swim there were some 100m repeats.  I kept a 1:40 pace up to that point and was still moving with good form.  I actually feel like my form has improved over the last few days, with a cleaner pull through the entire stroke.  I know the swim is a matter of getting it done in IM, but I am feeling that I am gaining an ability to get it done with some comfort rather than being exhausted out of the water.  It can only keep getting better.
I followed my swim with a run with the clinic that I am leading.  WOW!  Was it hot! The temperature was 27-28C and quote humid.  Within 1km I was sweating like a madman, but it felt great to be running with the group.  They are all very keen to reach the 1/2 marathon goal this fall and they are as keen to be out doing the training no matter what the conditions.  It was a bonus run, but still a positive 7.5k in the books!
Overall hump day was awesome!  I woke up this morning, the sun was shining, my friends were smiling and the world was waiting for me to check it out!  Although I am 2 weeks into my 'break' I am feeling better than ever, as I said when I first started this rest time, things happen for a reason, and today was another day working towards that reason!
I hope you had a great day and that the 2nd half of the week brings you as much positive energy as I have been getting!  Happy Hump Day!


  1. Great swim and bonus run! and GREAT attitude and mojo you have rollin...I am pickin up what you are layin down!

  2. J, I'm just catching up on blog posts. I didn't realize you were an unemployed bum now. Or should I say, "professional triathlete". haha.

    One piece of advice, " for every door that closes, another will get shut in your face", er, no, that not it.....oh,oh,oh, its "for every door that closes, another will open".

    I'm fully confident that you won't be on the unemployment line long and sucking up all my hard earned tax dollars. haha. Just kidding, I'm glad they are going to someone I know. haha.


  3. yay for positive energy and IM camp. sooo jealous! i start next week... yikes! hope your week continues to rock :)

  4. IM Camp sounds fun, I'd love to attend one, though I'm far from ready for an IM. Way to stay positive and focused!

  5. Sounds awesome and you have your head in the right "space", keep up the good work!!! WHOOT!

  6. I would love to attend an IM camp! That is awesome. Keep it up!