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Monday, August 16, 2010

And the beat goes on!!

Another awesome day of living the tri life and being able to share it with those around me! In case you have not figured it out I am quite positive about the whole IM experience and life in general.  It is so great waking up each day and being able to put my feet on the floor and and walk into a new adventure!  Each corner I turn is a cool new experience. Today was another day of fun and training and experiencing how much fun things can be!
This week is quoted as being 'HARD' on the training scale.  It is one of the last tough weeks in the program as it written.  I may add a few more days at the end before I begin my taper, but this week looks like a fun one to tackle.  Today was a short swim practice relatively speaking.  Although short I could feel it as the repeats built up.  I guess my Saturday swim being an 'extra' session provided a little more than I have been accustomed to doing.  This week is also has one extra practice day than all of the other weeks, so I took it easy overall.  Wednesday is an intense practice so my goal was to do quality today and maintain good form throughout.  Mission accomplished!  The practice was much shorter than what I have done in the recent past, but it felt good.  I have to say the pain feels good, it is great to know that some new muscle is coming along!
I followed it up with a short run with the Run/Yoga group.   It is great seeing the progress they are making and being a part of it with them. I am looking forward to running the 1/2 marathon with them at the end of September and enjoying the finish line with them.  The run was a great one through some trails and along the lake.  A great way to take care of the heat and enjoy some great scenery!  Loved every minute of it!
Overall another great day on the training route.  Feeling good and feeling like I want to push some more!  I think I am going to go and work for IM and sell how awesome the sport is!


  1. WOW, You've come a long way baby! I love the positive outlook, good for you! Just catching up and it sounds like the open swim in Lake Ontario was really something, hope the waves won't be that high during IM.

    You are really doing well with your yoga, awesome...

  2. yeah.. your positivity does make it sooo much easier!

  3. You have the most positive outlook - I love it! Keep those positive vibes flowing!! And keep up the yoga!