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Monday, August 9, 2010

32 days....Ahhh!

Now that I am back home and staring at the calendar, reality is HERE!  Holy crap, 32 days away I will be standing on the start line!  It is going to go by quickly and the day that I have spent the last year working towards will be in front of me to tackle.  Am I nervous?  of course!  Am I ready?  Yes, I believe I am!  The next month is going to be an awesome adventure in mental and  physical yoyoing ever!  Bring it on!
As I suggested yesterday, there was a concern about fitness with the week at 'camp'.  I thought maybe I may lose some fitness.  Well I testes it today!  I am rocking and rolling!!
Tonights practice was 3500m at the pool.  It was a ton of repeats with very short rest periods.  From start to finish I felt strong, was able to hold pace and able to hold form as well.  My perceived level of exertion was not at all a concern throughout the swim.  A couple of times I bumped in my rhythm and was able to get back on track with no issue and no loss of time at all. Half way through I actually pulled off a 1:35 x 100m without busting my lungs to get there.   I realize that there is a taper effect that is at play in how I felt, however, mentally I was in a better space than i have been since the adventure started.  My open water swim yesterday was the same way, feeling light with myself physically and mentally as I am doing the same thing I did 2 weeks ago!
I got out for a short run tonight with the run club I lead and felt the same ease as in the water.  Although only a 7k run, it was like I was walking.  My HR was in the 120's and I felt no issues at all as I moved along.  I am digging the feeling and will likely hold my training more intense until closer to race day in order to work at recreating this.
I know that the work I did last week is at play in where my training was at today.  Off of a great experience that has affected how I am thinking! I have always believed that at this point in training it is a mental game.  If I am not ready now, 4 more weeks is not going to get me there!  If I am ready, 4 more weeks will make me stronger and allow me to work on the little mental man that hangs out on my shoulder convincing me that something hurts to much.  Well little man, I just drank a whole shit load of Kool aid so you are in for a bad month.
I am in a great space and I am ready to continue the road to becoming an IRONMAN!  Wahoo!


  1. You are so very veRY VERY ready. I must admit, when I saw you had 32 days to go my stomach did a bit of a flip for you too.

  2. you are ready phsically and mentally...stick with it!

  3. it's only a month!, I bet you're nervous. but you're more than ready.

  4. Your progress John since I met you a year ago at Bryan’s house is just amazing. I remember you telling us stories about how you could hardly swim and look at you now: 100m in 1:35 minutes.
    You’ve trained like a maniac in the last year and you are now more than ready, physically and mentally.