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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Uumm! It's getting closer now, for real!!

Somewhere along the route to IM the time seemed to take off like a rocket.  Well, the past week it seems to have gone into some kind of hyperspace mode!  WOW, in a little more than 3 weeks, this awesome exciting adventure will be in full bloom as I stand on the start line.
One of the great things at this point in the process is that I am feeling ready!  I am going with my goals in mind and with what I believe is a good physical and mental platform to cross the finish line before the lights go off.  All that being said, it is not taking away from the butterflies that I am feeling each time I think about the day!
At this point in the process I am working to stay healthy and put in the last week and a half of strong training.  I am starting to feel tired, but the miles that I am putting in justify that feeling.  I love doing the workouts, each one of them makes me feel stronger and more like a triathlete each day.  As I am doing my workouts I am visualizing being on the course and feeling as strong as I am right now.  I am capturing those moments in my mind so that I can pull them back when I am feeling like a sack of hammers on the course!
Today was another great day on the road to the start.  I started the day with an amazing 90 minute yoga practice to stretch myself out and get rid of the kinks that are finding their way in.  When I am practicing and sweating like a mad man I have to maintain focus to get through.  As soon as the practice is done I am so relaxed and pleased with the result.  My workouts feel so much better after I practice!  I learned at yoga today that I have also been asked to participate in a mentor program to develop my teaching and practice!  This is a cool opportunity, as I become a stronger teacher I can share my practice for the better of other athletes and friends!  I am looking forward to doing that!
Tonight I was out for another great run through the trails.  Any run is enjoyable, but spending it in the trails along the lake is a huge bonus!  It is so relaxing to be so close to home but seem like I am miles away.  Running through the forest removes you from the rest of the planet so quickly.  My runs have been going great.  I have been doing them at a pace that is where I believe that I will do IM.  As I am running my HR is staying well below HR3 zone which is awesome.  Knowing how I work as I get tired, this give  me a lot of space to allow it to climb and keep moving.  This all sounds good in theory, and should ideally translate onto the road.
As well as awesome training today I also had some great meetings in working towards putting my professional goals together.   I am moving forward on a road of self employment and have the balls rolling in hte right direction.  I will likely have to punch the clock for someone else for a while, but it is a stepping stone to where I ultimately should be!  I am more confident in reaching my long term goals now than ever!  Wahoo! is the only way to accurately describe it!
Time to head off to bed now! Another day of possibilities and opportunities is 8 hours away and I want to be ready to enjoy every minute of it! Cheers!

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  1. Hi! just found your blog recently and have enjoyed reading about your IM journey. I'm doing IM Louisville (my first IM!) at the end of the month. It sounds like you have a great attitude and are going to do really well at Wisconsin.

    I saw your IM Nightmare post and I'm relieved to know I'm the only one who doesn't have crazy race-related dreams!