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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The work is done!

What a day!
I have been doing a lot of running lately, between my runs for training program and the extra runs with the people in my groups I have logged a few KM's.  Today I figured I would get out and do an easy short run to keep the legs moving and to get a few more quality km's in.  It was not a scheduled run as today was a swim day.  So, I got my things together and headed out the door to run in the great lunch time weather.  Well, it did not last long!  I got about 750m from my house and my legs felt like I was dragging pipes!  They were 400 lbs each and my HR started climbing quickly.  Hmm!  Guess what!  Like I have been told by man, the work is done!  It is time to get some rest, I have one more long run and I dont need to go out for the 'fun' of it because I can.  So, like any wise person would do, I turned around and shuffled my heavy legs back home!  My legs actually felt like they were bloated, so, into a pair of compression tights I went to allow what I have done to sink in and do me some good!  IN the past I would have been kicking and screaming and bitching about not doing a workout, NOT!  I know I am not going to change anything, and after all it was not even a schedules workout!  So, a day of leg recovery it was!
But, it was not the end of the day!  I did have a swim in the program today.  So, I figured as it was in the program it is not an option to skip it.  Off I went to the pool!  I kicked the ass right out of that practice.  It was 3200m of absolute pleasure swimming.  The entire time I felt strong, good rhythm and no issues.  I was able to keep form throughout and not fall apart in the last 1/3. Even though I was cooked to run, the swim always seems like a recovery type of training.  No matter how tired I have been I have always been able to go to the pool and have a productive day!  SO, the entire day was not a wash!  I was able to  be super productive where it counted!  
Overall a great day in my world!  A little rest for my legs and a lesson in IM training and where it goes after 22 weeks.   A great swim to top off a newly acquired discipline this year!  I am a happy guy watching the clock countdown!
Cheers to all and I hope our day rocked!


  1. The hay is in the barn as far as training goes - way to be smart about resting those legs. Save them for the big day! Speaking of which..Holy cow!! IMOO is comign right up! you are SO ready!!

  2. So you are saying listen to your body and trust the plan.

  3. Great job trusting in the plan. Doing less rather than more is your best option at this point. Good confidence boost from the awesome swim!

  4. Good call on the turnaround! The countdown is on! excited for the next few weeks

  5. You would have been kicking your self had you have tried to finish that run, smart move! The swim sounded wonderful, I can't wait until this weekend when I can get some pool time in (might sneak a sesson in tomorrow night!!!!)

  6. As my coach says- follow the plan- not the parts you like most, not adding things you think you need to do. Follow it because unless you do, there is no guarantee it will deliver you to your goal. Way to stick to the plan!