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Monday, August 23, 2010

It's time to taper, mostly!

So, the program says taper and I learned a little tonight why it tells you to do that!  It is time!
I started the evening with a short 6k run with my run group. It was an easy run to loosed up from a 16k last night and to keep the group running along as well.  I felt no issue with the run at all.
Following the run, I went to the pool to get a swim in.  It was a mad house.  I did not make it to the Y today so I went to one of the city pools for a swim. It was nuts!  Each lane had 10 people in it, one time swimming in one direction another time in the other.  Doing kick turns and swimming underneath you!  It sucked!  Oh well!  Still worked away on completing my workout! About half way through I realized why taper is part of the program.  WOW, was I tired!  May have been that most of my swim have been earlier in the day when my energy level is higher.  My pace did not change a great deal but it was a lot more work to be at that place!  It made me realize that it is time to let everything build and sink in and not to try and be a hero and push hard.  I am not going to change a lot physically  at this point!  It's time to work on the head, stay healthy and enjoy the ride!
Tomorrow I am going to do a last long ride, nothing insane, just put in some more miles and one more long t-run.  Then I will see what the program says, how I feel and go with that feeling!
I hope you are all healthy, happy and ready for your next adventure!  Have fun, it is a great ride!


  1. your right J, there's no more physical building you can do. It's now all mental. Start savouring the flavour. You're doing great, you're going to kick A$$ in WI. If you need a long ride partner early Friday am, let me know.


  2. 10 people to a lane!!! good practice for Lake Monona?!

  3. I was going to say, swimming with 10 people per lane, that worked out perfectly! I mean what better training could you get!!!!!

    Good luck and enjoy!

  4. Sammie, that is hilarious! I love it!