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Friday, August 27, 2010

like I was saying yesterday!

What comes around goes around! Yep, everything happens for a reason. The history of my summer 2010 speaks to those statements in a big bad way! It has been and will continue to be one of the most memorable and fun summers I can remember!
It goes without saying that this IM adventure has been a huge part of the excitement. The training, the new friends, the blog friends and stories, and that is only the start. It has opened up so many new possibilities for me moving forward, I look forward to other IM's (I guess I should finish this one first) and many other races along the new journeys as a result of this one!
One of this summers events was the loss of my job early on(begin of June). In most cases this would be stressful situation, but I took it in stride. after less than a year with the company they paid me until the week of the race. Thanks guys! I could not have asked for a better summer to be paid to not work! It was a relief for me as I was not passionate about what I was doing, in the end I was going through the motions to produce but not excited about it! They afforded me the greatest summer of training and an ability to review my goals and what I wanted to do moving forward. I look forward to the next few years after a great opportunity to take inventory.
I was also able to go and become a yoga instructor in the process. A year ago I would have never imagined doing that. But, training proved to show me that yoga is an amazing compliment to any athletes training program. It adds a great physical release that can be hard to find along the road. As you continue to practice it also adds a great depth of mental discipline and strength. I feel privileged to have been invited by the yoga community that I practice with the become a leader and share my passion. It will serve me well both as an athlete and a coach moving forward.
Being an unemployed bum was also a great way to share my passion for coaching and training with many others. I became a Luluilemon ambassador and was able to be a big part of the community. I also started my own run clinics and continue to play with and train athletes towards their first half marathons at the end of september. I have found a tremendous passion for teaching and seeing the success of others.
These are a couple of the awesome things that this year has given me. Things happen for a reason I said in the opening. Yes, they do! Me losing my job, it was supposed to happen, it afforded me the great summer I have had. Today, the icing on the cake was given to me. On September 15, when I return from IM and Madison I start a new job! Wahoo! I am very excited with the opportunity, it provides me a huge potential to exercise my strengths and it fits perfectly into my revised goals and perspective found over the summer.
Could I have scripted this summer any better? Not in a million years. It has been exceptional and is continuing in a manner that is even better! I named my dog Karma as I wanted to be surrounded by good Karma all the time. I guess it worked!
Today was also a great training day. Had an awesome easy 4.5 hour ride and a great t-run. The whole time I felt great, kept my HR in check at better zones than I have in the past. I got the job offer half way through the ride and enjoyed a great sunny day of training!
So, I have shared my own training stuff with you for my reasons. As I started my blog the purpose is for me and my family to be able to look back on this adventure. Not making these events part of my blog would be missing a huge part of what it has been. Thank you for reading it, your comments are awesome and inspirational and I feel like you have been a huge part of this awesome summer! Cheers!
Everyone racing this weekend, have the time of your life! For those doing their first IM, it is only your first IM once, love it! For those back for another one, may you set a PB and finish with a smile!
To those drinking and running tomorrow and the House of Payne 5k, make it hurt!

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  1. Congratulations on your new job. That's cool.

  2. I loved reading this, your whole outlook is so positive and yet humble at the same time. The Universe does work in strange ways and when you open your heart to it, you see so many different things that you didn't realise were there all along.

    Give Karma a nice pat on the head for me and keep up the great attitude.

  3. That's a great attitude! And a good way of looking at things.

  4. Congrats on the new job and for things to work out perfectly

  5. Congrats on the job man!! Keep up the great training!