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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Another one down!

A brief note and then to bed for me!
After a top notch day yesterday I went out this evening for a long'ish run.  I was not sure how it was going to feel  after yesterdays events.
I woke up this morning with very light stiffness in my legs, nothing that I have not felt after a speed workout.  My shoulders were a little more sore than what I would normally feel after swim practice though. I think it is a combination of being in aero for a few hours and the swim yesterday. Although not sore I still wondered how the run would treat me.
I am fortunate in always being able to find people to join m for a run. It works well as it keeps me on pace(stops me fro speeding up) on these workouts.  The run was an 15k.  The entire run I felt great, legs were light, HR was down in low 2 zone and I did not feel like I was losing any steam as I moved along.  I am no scientist but it seems like all this training works.  I am feeling stronger each day and not losing steam at this point.  I am looking forward to this week and pushing the envelope some more to bring it up another notch.  Another couple of weeks of push and then I am told it is taper time.  WOW!  time flies when you are having fun.
I have started to think about post IM and what it will feel like not to train like this??  I am going to have to set a new goal to keep me pushing after a short break.  I promised I would only do IM every 2 years, so I have to figure it out.  I guess Boston qualify it will be!~  Only need to take 37 minutes of my current marathon time, so that should keep me busy!  What is life without an insane goal and wonderful people to share it with!
Cheers and Happy sleep!


  1. Great news the training plan is WORKING! you're doing fantastic...the countdown is on, see you in Wisconny!!!

  2. Insane goals are what keeps us moving forward. Keep up the great work.

  3. It is hard to adjust after working towards a big goal for so long. But sounds like you've got it figured out!

  4. Dear John, one good sign to know if you are a triathlete is that you have your season plans for the next 3 or 4 seasons. LOL

  5. Sounds like you have a great plan post IM. That is so hard, trying to figure out what to do after the big event! I won't be at IMWI, but I WILL be stalking you from here in Maine!