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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What was the best part of your day??

Seems like I did so much today, thinking about what part was best is a lot of thinking!

I started the day with some time to get a bike fit done.  I have a friend who works at Enduro Sport in Toronto, so I visited him and spent an hour and a half with the shop owner getting a fit review.  It was a great fit experience and the store is an awesome tri store!  In the past they move some parts around, tighten some bolts loosen some others and change a couple of things.  Because the have some fancy machines they must be doing something good.  This was a total opposite.  It was a thorough active bike fit.  He asked me a ton of questions about my riding, my experiences, technical pedalling questions  and a lot more.  Each question was followed with a practical discussion on what adjustments he might make and what the affects would be.  Overall the fit made 3 or 4 adjustments to how I was set.  As well as current adjustments he left me with some homework on 'feelings' as I am riding over the next couple of weeks prior to making any other adjustments.  Through the process, he also left me with some great tips on riding stronger.  The experience was awesome.  IF you are looking for an educational and positive fit, ask for Dan when you book.  He does an awesome job and has a new customer.

Another awesome part of the day was an email I received from a girl who found my blog out in space somewhere.  She is trying to get a spot as the Triathlete Magazine August triathlete.  She sent me a note asking for support.  OK, a fit girl asking me for a vote, probably don't have to ask me twice.  :) But wait!  As some may know I am a huge supporter of Cancer fund-raising and her story resonated with me.   In 2007 she was diagnosed with cancer and was able to survive the ordeal.  At that point she started doing triathlon as a way to move forward.  Her passion for tri has grown and she is using it as a tool to communicate with others that you can persevere through anything you want to.  She has completed 7 half IM's and is training for Arizona this year.  Based on what she has done I sent her an email supporting her for what she is doing.  I have added a link below if you are compelled to support her for either her awesome effort to communicate an important cause or if you think she is the best girl to vote for.  Check it out!

After my bike fit today I had to go a give it a spin.  Good thing I had a bike workout scheduled!  I was able to go and ride on the new fit as well as tri out the new technical ideas that he provided me!  It was a kick butt ride!  My way out was super fast, I did 25k at an average speed of 41kmh, I was flying.  I did have wind behind me, but everything was working right.  The ride home was a bitch!  The wind was howling at me and blowing me back.  I still managed to hold my speed at 33 coming home and felt strong when I finished.  A great ride, feeling comfortable with the fit adjustment and the new tips.
I followed it up with a fast t-run as soon as I got home.  It worked well, not a fast one as I used it as a technical run.  I focused on keeping my pace steady and what I imagine running the pace at for IM.  It overall was great, having to make sure to hold my pace was a little tough.  I kept speeding up, I did reel myself back quickly though.
After an hour rest I was out for another run with the LULU group.  Another short run but strong and steady!  Overall a strong day on the training front.
Another great part was being able to teach another Yoga class today.  So, after my LULU run I invited the group out to join me in a  practice.  They all came out!  It was a blast being able to teach the group in my first larger group lesson!  I managed to teach an entire class with all the poses and flows that are part of it and improvised through a couple of stumbles without anyone knowing the difference!  Thank you to the group for participating and for the compliments at the end of the class.

In case you haven't figured it out, my day was a 10!  Yep, another one!  It is all what you make of it and the perspective that you view it from.  Yeah, there were some times where I wanted to say ' what the f%&&^' , but then I thought about it for 1/2 a second and decided it was easier not to!
Hope your day was awesome as well!  Have a great night!  Cheers


  1. What's not to love about a day like that? Glad things are going your way.

    Since I'm in australia, I'm feeling like every part of my day is lucky, I must say! It will be hard to get back to reality.

  2. The best part of my day was getting back to my hotel room in Las Vegas and knowing that I can go home tomorrow. Dinner was pretty good too - rock shrimp and scallop (sp?) pasta.

  3. J, I had dan do my fit as well. Very awesome. Best in the shop. Made a huge difference. Great speed on the bike man, Kick'n butt my friend.


  4. Yeah for great days!

    I would vote for her, but what is her name? I just don't want to read the bios of all 14 girls looking for her (I am lazy and at work so I try to be quick with the screwing off stuff ha ha)

  5. The girls name is Claudia Abreu. Guess that detail helps!

  6. You got to love a 10 day!!!

    Man, you are zippy on the bike, 40km and holding a solid 33 into the wind, kudos!!!

  7. What an awesome day you have had. And yes it soooo much easier to look at all the great things versus the tiny little bad things.

  8. What a small world, Dan helped me last year with my bike fit as well. It made a big difference for me and he gave me, too, a few good tips about how to ride my bike.