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Saturday, July 3, 2010

an IM nightmare!

I am a very detailed planner when it comes to tackling new adventures.  I study them, plan for potential outcomes, evaluate risks, prepare the required equipment to get it done.  Then I prepare in an organized and logical manner to arrive at the most suitable outcome.
The main person I train with tends to do things a little on the other side of the spectrum.  He accepts an invitation as he doesn't really want to miss out on what is being done.  He moves through the preparation according to the direction of the most educated(maybe not smartest) person taking place in the adventure.  He makes his way through not missing any other event that he is invited to.  And when the event arrives he tends to want to get there about 3 minutes before it starts as he is to busy getting to all of the other things he has planned.
My plan generally has me relatively well prepared both physically and mentally for the challenges that I choose to attack, his plan generally has him looking forward to the event being done as it means he can move on to the next challenge.  It is quite an entertaining existence as we do our training together, most races together and spend a lot of free time with one another s family and friends.
This is the background to my IM nightmare!
I have planned in going down to Wisconsin for my IM on Wednesday of the week of the event.  It will give me plenty of time to get my head into the proper space, get registered, do some swim, bike and run.  I have friends in the area and I will be able to chill out before what I have to assume will be chaos begins!  He thinks that is totally ridiculous to be going down that early.  He is suggesting Friday, that way we have Saturday to get organized and race Sunday.  It is a 11-12 hour drive  from Toronto so getting out of the car and stretching will take some time.
This morning I woke up to the following dream/nightmare in my mind:

Race morning - 30 minutes before the race begins running like a mad man going to find someone who can number me
20 minutes before the race - running back to the hotel to get my bike and put the wheel on then running back to convince someone to allow me to put it in transition
10 minutes before the race - running towards the start without a wetsuit realizing that I am bike shorts and a cotton T-shirt with rain starting to fall
5 minutes before  - trying to convince a vendor to sell me a bike jersey although I had no money with me

Then I woke up!  Thank god!  That is my worst nightmare!  Getting to an event that I have planned for an entire year and being late and totally disorganized to the point of failure.  It reaffirmed the reasons that I plan and prepare for events the way that I do.  Ideally the only challenges that I encounter are the ones out of my control.  The others I can deal with if I allow myself time to properly set up.
I was out for a run later in the morning and told my buddy about the dream I woke to, and told him I didn't care what day he went to Wisconsin, I am going on Wednesday!  He did get a great laugh about my sleeping adventure.
Training today was a tough one -  the weather was as hot as it has been all summer.  I had a run to get done.  From 10 minutes in I felt like I was dragging lead pipes.   So far this season I will say it is the toughest run I have had.  The good part of it, because there always is a positive!  I completed the run at a decent pace and was able to use it as a good tool to manage HR under adverse conditions.  I chose a hillier route in order to challenge myself and I got a ton of benefit out of the run.  I finished the run with a freezing cold bath for my legs!  OUCH!  But what a great feeling, an instant relief from the lead that I was carrying.  I am going to use that over the summer, it was recommended by a coach as a tremendous recovery assist.  
\Tomorrow is another hot one, suppose to feel like 40 with the humidity, it will be a great character training day!  Bring it on!  A great ride planned(not to long) as well as another run to keep building!
Happy training to all and for those racing tomorrow, have an awesome day and have fun!


  1. I'm not yet willing to do the ice bath recovery! haha

    With you on getting there Wed.- I would be the same way.

  2. I havent tried an ice bath as such but I have sat in a cold water bath. Now I absolutely swear by getting a cold shower at the end of every spa/sauna combo I do. Everything feels so alive and rejuvenated. Excellent work on sticking at it during such heat.

  3. Getting there on Wednesday is SMART! No need to put more stress on yourself than what you will already be experiencing.
    Great job getting thru that hot run. The heat here has been tough but I'm embracing it b/c I know if I can train in this, I can train in any condition that may present itself on race day.
    Keep up the great work John!