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Friday, July 9, 2010's a state of mind!

Yesterday I was beginning to feel physically tired, I felt like doing my workouts today I was going to be dragging my butt!  NO!  It is a mind over matter proposition.  I believe that the barrier to success at anything we want to do is our mind.  Our brain unconsciously puts up obstacles to prevent us from accomplishing what we would like to do.  OK, there may be financial or family obstacles, but those can be overcome.  If you really believe in achieving something your mind will figure out how to get it done!  Enough of the psycho babble!
I started off my morning with an awesome run!  I joined a group who has been doing an AM run on Tuesday and Friday for years.  For a while I joined them and then the timing got tough so I started doing my runs on my own.  As this week has me cramming some workouts, this morning was a great time to get out and join them.  They are all stellar runners, almost all of them sub 3:30 marathon.  Running with them is like a race for me and then some.  I can not keep up with them, but it is an awesome push.  This morning the weather was perfect.  It started off with the same heat that we have had with a couple of drops of rain dropping as we started out.  By the end of the run, it was pouring cats and dogs.  The skies opened up the temperature cooled off and it was totally refreshing.  Amongst the fast people there were also a couple of people who are not part of the lightning crowd, so I was able to run along with them and enjoy a great run in the pouring rain!  The run starts at a cafe owned by one of the guys who comes out, so the end is always complete with a great coffee and stories of the last few days.  As you might imagine, it is a great way to start the day!
The morning run was not the end of oh pour me I am tired workouts!  Without a thought this afternoon I was out for a short 50k ride!  It was awesome, one of my favourite rides of the summer.  Why?  It jsut was.  I was out with a friend who just started riding and is a strong rider right out of the gate.  We rode at an average of close to 34kmh with the last 10k between 39 & 41kmh.  It was fantastic, we were flying!  The best thing was that my heart rate was in low zone 2 the entire time.  As hard as I was pushing I did not blow up as I rode along.  I focused a lot of riding technically sound with a full pedal stroke for 360 degrees.  It helped pick up the cadence and I found myself going up a gear or two in order to stop from freewheeling.
As we rode along the lake, the scenery was awesome.  With the weather breaking for a couple of days there was a great fog coming off the lake.  As we buzzed along there was a great photo of a ship starting to be covered with the fog. I only had my blackberry so it does not do the photo a ton of justice, but it was a great sight to see.
Overall the day was awesome for training.  The whole idea of being exhausted can be a gret deterrent to getting a workout done.  But, it is only a mental obstacle that you choose to accept if you succumb to the physical burn!  As I am certain some people would say, suck it up!  I loved every minute of my workout and I look forward to a few more weeks of times like today and far tougher ones ahead!
Have an awesome training weekend!  CHeers


  1. Excellent start to the day the Cafe run with post workout coffee hangout!

  2. Sounds like a perfect day to me!

  3. the first part was really inspiring,


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