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Monday, July 5, 2010

That is damn hot!

Today is the hottest weather that I have trained in.   I have done a few days in heat, but this wins the HOT prize!  With the humidity it seemed like 40+C.  If  I was not training for an event I likely would have done the run first thing in the morning or late at night, but that was not an option today.  It was one of the clinics that I lead so the group was coming out and I had to lead my great example.  Because of the heat I made a decision to shorten the distance a little so that the group would keep motivated and not burn out.  ALthough it was damn hot the group had an awesome run, keeping the same pace that they do on cooler outings. It is a good sign that the training they have done to date is beneficial for them.  In exchange for the shorter run today, I introduced some drills for them to try out.  Doing ABC's are a tough workout on the best of days, let alone in 40 degree weather.  The group that I am training is awesome, they cowboyed up and were 100% committed to kicking the repeats hard.  As an intro to drills they rocked, they did them and did them strong from the first to the end!  It was great to see them progressing and pushing that hard towards the gaol.  It will be awesome to see them all crossing the line in September.  I am truly enjoying the challenge of working with them and the extra training that I am getting out of the adventure.
As well as a good run and drills today, I also enjoyed a great swim practice as well.  The repeats today were getting longer, they were 500m repeats with 45s rest.  Each one of them was effortless and I felt like I was improving as I had a chance to get into a rhythm.  That is likely why I enjoy open water swims, it allows me to get into a rhythm and work on technical issues as I don't have to turn around every 25m.  Overall the practice was 3500 and it was a strong one, I felt smooth and rested as I made my way through.  As I count the days closer the swim is becoming more rewarding as I am feeling the months of training up to this point.  Now, I need to take the swim mojo and bring it onto the run course.
I hope your training day rocked, you stayed cool and you found the fun in this crazy sport we chase!


  1. ramping up the swims... that's soo cool!... well done

  2. Yeah, it is freaking hot here too!

    Bring that Mojo to the run course, you are going to rock this!

  3. Serious swim workout there! Perfect for IM.

  4. Nice training in the heat! The countdown is ON!!! yesterday I registered to volunteer on the bike course at IMWI.

  5. 40 degrees C? Dang that is like a little over 100 degrees F ... that is hot for you Canucks! Heck that is even hot for us Texans!