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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's starting to hurt a bit!

Since the weekend I have been pushing my training , kind of like cramming a bit!  I have a week of active recovery coming up and I want to get the most of this week possible.  I am maxing my workouts and pushing it so that the 'recovery' is a good build week.  I will share more on my active recovery in the next couple of days!
I continued my training yesterday with a great 2 hour run in the heat!  Once again I used the run as a time to tune up nutrition and make certain that I am not going to run out of fuel.  I have learnt that I will need to supplement salt as I run otherwise I will end up in a bundled up cramped dude on the side of the road.  At 15k on my run I filed up with water and took in some salt, it was like a big adrenaline rush and it energized the last bit of the run.  As time moves forward I am learning how big a part of this game is the nutrition.  It doesn't matter how good a runner, cyclist or swimmer you are, without a proper balance you are done! Over the next few weeks I will surely continue to learn more, however, I think that I am on a good path to having a strategy in place and an ability to get me from start to finish.
Todays workout was a short swim with a new triathlete as well as some stroke improvement time for me.  It was an awesome experience to coach an athlete on something I could not do a year ago.  Over the course of one hour I could see a change in what she was doing and she could feel a greater efficiency in her swim.  My training today, I slowed everything down to have a chance to focus on the entire pull.  Although not a high energy swim(that is tomorrow) it was a great chance to help gel the stroke and breathing that has been coming together.
I followed up the 'soft' swim with some speed work tonight. I hate speed work, however I need to suck it up as it is the worst part of the 3 disciplines and I need it to get whatever time i am going to race in to a better time.  It is also something that I will stare in the face a ton next year as I want to qualify for Boston and that will be a hard road!  Overall the workout was satisfying!  It is one of those workouts where the little man sits on my shoulder the entire time I am out there.  He seems to feel that at any time in the workout it would be cool if I packed it in.  No DICE!  It is not going to happen.  The little man actually motivates me to push harder and make the hurt bigger!  If it doesn't kill me it is going to make me stronger!  I still don't like the workouts, but they work!
I hope everyone out there is having awesome training days and feeling on the top of your game!  Go hard or go home!~


  1. I am right there with you on the nutritional aspect of training and recovery. Always learning something new.

  2. Proper balance in nutrition is the key! you seem to be doing great trying out different methods and figuring out your system!

  3. thanks for sharing the experience. I will make sure I take everything from your notes for when I start doing something in the long distance field.

  4. I am always learning as far as nutrition goes! I am totally taking notes on what you are doing for myself for next year! :)

  5. Someone told me that feeling tired was a sure indication on fitness improving. You're headed into a great recovery week for sure.

    The little man (or woman ) always makes us give our best, and no-one could ask for more :)