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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Swim, bike, run....yep, that is what we do!

The past 24 hours have been a whirlwind!  Tons of things getting done, from both a work and training perspective.  Work is boring and that is not what this blog is about, so I will stick with the training today!
Yesterday was a tri kind of day, I managed all three disciplines over the course of the day, actually running twice for more fun!
The morning started with some more swimming and working on the technique and drills from the coach.  The start of the practice was a tough few meters, struggling to get into a rhythm and questioning the logic of rebuilding at this stage in the process.  Then I would do a timed 100m and see that it is faster than what I was doing.  I know over time it will work, I have another 150000 strokes and I should have it patterned.  :) As I was swimming along I did notice something new.  As soon as I focused on a stroke count, I would arrive at the end far more relaxed and less out of breath than earlier.  I would maintain my form, bi lateral breath the entire time and find it far less effort.  So, lesson learned, don't work so hard on focusing on every move, just relax and it not so difficult.  Bu th end of the practice it was beginning to pattern a bit, I was far less out of breath and able to build a little rhythm.  So overall it was a good practice with progress!  Wahoo!
Part 2 was a solid speed bike workout.  I started the day thinking it would be on the trainer, mother nature was a darling and held off the rain.  It was a short workout, only 32km, but it was meant to be done in Zone 3.  So far the training has been done in Zone 2 for the most part, so notching it up was fun.  I did a decent warm up and then put the pressure on the pedals.  Much like doing hill training running, I made it hurt.  The entire time I was on the pedal pushing and pulling to see how hard a workout i could manage.  I did manage to hold ZOne 3 the whole time and an average speed of 38kmh.  It was a tough one but felt awesome to be working that hard for a bike workout.  When I do rides that hard, I tend to look back to when I started and it makes me smile.  I remember doing the same route and barely being able to maintain a 29kmh pace.  I guess a few months of training pays off!
Following the ride was a T-run.  While riding I was wondering what it would be like, with the kind of burn that I was feeling it was bound to be a hard one.  So, off with the bike shoes and on with the running shoes.  The run felt great!  I had to make a note to slow down 2-3 times during the run.  If I was doing a short distance it would be a good run, but a 5k pace is no use for me for IM.  I worked on keeping my HR in a comfortable zone that I have found.  My goal is to now to my T-runs in that zone so that I can build up the distance without having to 'take a break'.  Overall the brick was great coming off a tough ride and being able to transition nicely.  Good progress from my perspective.
The evening was followed by another run with the LULU gang!  Another great run with a couple of new faces out to join.  After the bike-run afternoon I did not know how it would feel to get out for another workout.  I wasn't bad.  I had to start slowly to get the legs moving freely, but then it was free and easy,  Another great run with great friends at the store.
Tonight was the best workout of them all!  HILLS!  With the group that I run with at ROGA we went to some big hills for a few repeats.  They rocked!  After a few weeks of the smaller hills they came out tonight and knocked these on their butts.  When they were all done a true sign of how good they were was summarized in one word, I asked how it was, the response, 'fuucckkk'  That can only be a good thing after a hill workout. If it doesnt hurt you did not do it hard enough!  I am so happy with the progress and the workout they did tonight!  I did my share as well.  There is something about me and hills, I don't have anything but 100% when I do them.  As I run I was under 4min/k and feeling like each breath was going to be the end of my lunch.  When I reached hte top my arms were carrying me as my legs were like lead!  I love the workout!  Next few weeks, back to the speed work!  Yeah, they are fun to, but the skier in me must make me like hills better!


  1. You look totally spent but happy nonetheless. Actually everyone looks so pleased with themselves. Well done to you all. Glad to hear that your swimming went so well.

  2. You have plenty of time to "get it right" on the swim front, make wise use of it and you'll see the IM swim will be a breeze

  3. Wow. You are an animal on the hills!

    Great progress on the swim - I am working on it all the time. I find if I focus on relaxing and breathing or counting I do much better.