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Monday, July 26, 2010

Back to training and getting the big ones under me!

After a great weekend with a good race result, it is time to get back to the work that produces the results! So back at it!
I started yesterday AM with a 120-130k ride to get my legs moving.  I felt great after pushing hard on Saturday and the ride went off well.  I was using the day to get nutrition under control and to make sure that I learning what I need to do on race day!  So the ride yesterday was a success!  It was an awesome day with perfect weather which made it even better.  The rider was also nice as it was a relaxed ride with the average being 29.8kmh and not a lot of super hard push. It was a little windy so it added a bit of work to the ride.
As soon as the ride was done, I had coordinated a run with the run/yoga clinic that I am leading.  The distance worked well into my training and it was a good run to lead the group as they are now learning what it is like to do 10+km runs.  We met at a local private school that has an awesome trail system for a 14.5k run.  I talked about nutrition a little as we set out as they are all new to nutrition and longer runs.  It was a great time to talk about it as I had just finished 4 hours living on gels!  The run was perfect as it was at a relaxed pace and allowed me to do a little longer run than scheduled to test to see if my nutrition on the ride was effective and would sustain me for a run.  2k good -5k good - 10k good -14.5k good!  It worked awesome!  I could have been better with water as i did not have a water belt with me, otherwise it was a great run.  I added some distance running between a couple of groups over the run time.  It was a good opportunity to do some faster running to see how I would feel.  Overall it was a great run. I was super happy at the result of the group that I am training, the best way to find statisfaction!  They all had smiles on their faces and were happy as could be at having accomplished what they did. They were happy as they had all reached a new personal best!  It was great to be a part of that workout with them!
Overall the day was a great success, I am pleased with how it went and how I feel.  My recovery has been decent, today was only a little stiff.
I did manage my longest swim ever today to add to the full day.  Did a 4200M swim and felt like a champ.  I now feel that I am gaining comfort with the new swim technique.  I can feel new muscles working as I move forward and I am able to add a couple of new tips that were given to me.  I am going to focus on making it work and getting smooth at it rather than trying to speed anything up at this time.  If I can get comfortable with this I can get out of the water feeling strong!  That would be good!
A great few days with some good workouts behind me, and a few more big ones this week!

Congrats to all those in Lake Placid this week!  A big one goes out to Bryan at Training Payne who got his Kona spot!  Way to go!  I hope that the beer today is good before you get back at training for the big one!  Awesome job!


  1. Congratz on your results last weekend and great to see you are tearing it up in training and feeling like a Champ!