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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Can I swim faster??

Today was the first time that I have taken to spend with a true swim coach.  I did do a clinic earlier in the year and got 20 minutes of OK feedback but nothing that I could follow up on later with the guidance given.  So today was great, an hour with a girl who is an awesome swimmer and outstanding triathlete.  (4ht in the Worlds) I am excited about the potential in working with this coach as it could be a breakthrough for me.  I know it wont happen overnight, but with some ongoing guidance and strong direction I will likely become more efficient in the water and may even get a little quicker.  
Swimming today was a great relief to the crazy heat, being in the water was refreshing.  We spent the first 15 minutes at the Y doing lengths where she was able to evaluate what we were doing.  Then the big nasty life guard girl came and kicked her out! She could not be on the deck coaching in any way at all, so we packed it up and went to our pal's backyard pool.  It did not work out bad at all.  As she had done the evaluation, it was time to come up with some solutions to work with.  So we spent on hour building and reviewing drills to get us to be more slippery in the water.  Over the next couple of weeks, I am going to modify swim practice a bit in order to be able to build some muscle memory and pattern what we reviewed today.  Then it will be time for a review and recap to see if I have picked up on anything.  This is an exciting time for me as I think I will benefit  a lot from the sessions.  Not being part of a master group has its disadvantages, so ideally this helps out and will provide what I am not getting.
Today was also hill day with the running/yoga group.  The photo is of the group(less a few) who came out to enjoy hill repeats and oppressive heat.  They kicked butt!  Ran at a faster pace that they have ever and that included the time on the hills!  It is great to see them progress over the course of 4 weeks and to see the results that the program and training is providing them so far.  They are enjoying th training and seem to keep coming back for more!  I have to say they must like it, anyone who comes out to train in this heat is either nuts or wants to get to a goal.  Way to go!  As you can see, I managed to work up a bit of a swat as well.  By the time we were done, I looked as though I had been in the shower!  Hey, if it doesnt kill me it is going to make me stronger. Loving the hills repeats and going back for more!
Happy training!


  1. Yes. A few simple coaching tips has reliably made my 100 m time 10 seconds faster. And not just for 100 m either. I'm swimming that 10 seconds faster with far less effort.

  2. More efficient = better swimmer = better times. Amazing what a coach can do for you.

  3. Nice, hopefully it will make a big difference to your swimming (which already sounds pretty good).

  4. Swimming is so technical, and sometimes all it takes are a few small adjustments and you are flying through the water.You will do great.

    BTW in your photo you look like you swam in your shirt its so wet. But you look so happy.

  5. Yes, swimming is all about technique. Good for you for working on it--so easy to overlook it.

  6. you'll do really great with a coach, specially if you're already appreciating the feedback.
    Sometimes big squads tend to spread the atention of the coaches and we end up gettin nothing. good luck!

  7. haha... "By the time we were done, I looked as though I had been in the shower!"

    This is what happens to me in Houston walking from my front door to the car!