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Friday, July 30, 2010

Over and out......for a few days!

Training has been awesome this week! I have been pushing the envelope and clocking miles and minutes to build up towards d-day! D-day is coming along damn quick!  Wahoo!  As always I am enthusiastic and pumped for the day!
Thursday this week was the longest swim practice I have had to date.  It was a  4600m swim and felt really strong.  It was made up of long distance repeats allowing me to get into a rhythm.  I find myself now breathing 100% bilateral with a great deal of comfort.  I now have started to pattern it and am finding it far more efficient overall.  Although it was a long swim, it felt like one of the easiest days in teh pool yet.  With the 'new' way of swimming I find it totally relaxing while maintaining a similar speed to before.  I actually did swim a 1:38 x 100m for the first time.  It was one and I am a long way off from having that as my regular pace!
Today was an awesome ride day!  I rode 130k in the AM at an average of 31kmh and a HR of 124.  I was actually not having to push to hard to maintain the speed and cadence.  I am definitely feeling a difference on the ride as compared to the beginning of summer.  Power to weight is moving in my favour big time.
The next 7 days is going to be a recovery/modified training session.   I am heading to a Teacher training intense 1 week boot camp of Baptiste Power Yoga.  It is 6-7 hours a day of hard practice as well as mental and teacher training.    A few friends think I am nuts for going to this.  No way!  I have built up a good training plan, I am actually ahead of where I was to be.  One week of a few less miles will actually be an awesome recovery as well as a huge strength and mental training session.  Yoga has been an integral part of my training and has helped in pushing me through some obstacles, this is a bonus training week for me.  I anticiapte when I return a lot of the work that I have done will have settled in a I can turn in up a few notches for a couple more weeks before a light taper begins.  I think I may be like the Kona bound Bryan, I won't turn it off a 100% before otherwise I will become lazy and lose what I have built!
So, the place I am going has no reception, cell or internet.  I may find it along the week, but otherwise it is over and out for until next week!  Cheers!  Have a great week!


  1. Not to mention you have that "bonus" week in your back pocket!! nice swim great training
    you = on track

  2. Have fun J. But we all know it's not yoga, you're doing a little jail time for not paying all those parking tickets. Don't be shy, we'll still love yah. Say high to "bubba" for us. haha.


  3. I should do yoga more often. Have fun! You have been a training machine!

  4. great swim! and a PB for the hundreds!.
    go and rock on your yoga bootcamp, you're well on track.

  5. Have a great time and come back ready for Tri fun! :)