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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ho, Ho, Holy Hot batman!

Today was one of the best holy hot training days I have had.  I am not talking medium hot, I am taking sweating before the workout even started.  I tuned my bike in the garage with no AC, by the time I was done I was soaked!  But, that was only the beginning of enjoying the heat.
I am adjusting my training this week as I have a crazy weekend that i can only get one workout in.  Over the course of this week it is my intention to get the other workout done and them some!  As I get into the heavy build time, the extra training won't hurt me a bit. I am meant to be building so I will likely end up with a few extra miles along the way.  As long as I use my recovery days wisely I can only think that it will help.
Today I went out for a long'ish ride in the heat.  I spent a little over 3 hours on the bike with a target of staying in ZOne 1-2 even thought the heat was trying to ramp that up all along.  The heat did slow me down a bit, however speed was not the strategy of this one.  I did just over 90k including a couple of monster hills for fun.  The hills were the only time that I got out of my zone, but I did not feel bad as I was able to kick the hills in the butt.  The same hills last year, I was taking a break half way up so that I would not bust a lung.
I followed the ride with a 25 minute run, once again focusing on keeping my HR in ZOne 1-2.  That was a little more difficult.  I did slow my pace to make sure that I managed to stay in the zone.  It was a tough run as I my nutrition was off and I started to cramp a bit towards the end.  However, a great lesson learned.
As the training get longer, the nutrition plan that I have started is truly going to be tested.  When I have a 'bad' session, I treat it as a lesson rather than a negative.  It is my own fault that I did not take on enough electrolytes on my ride.  Kinda stupid seeing as I had it with me and that I was sweating like a mad man most of the ride.  I now know a little more than I did yesterday and had an overall great workout to lead me to it.
That was not the end of workouts though.  Tonight is a LULULEMON run club event, so after some water some food and a brief rest, I put my shoes back on and hit the road.  With the crazy heat I did shorten the run tonight.  The purpose is to promote and build a run community, not to scare off the people who come out by trying to race them in the heat.  The group were troupers, they ran at a great pace and managed a strong negative split although it was so hot.  Although short another great training session.
As the heat is here I am making the best of it.  Why not take advantage of it?  Race day will be what race day is.  I can control when I get there and what training i have done.  I can not control what the weather will be.  Wisconsin 3-4 years ago was one of the highest drop out IM rates because of the heat, ideally this can only help me avoid that eventuality should it be a hot day!  And, if it isn't, this is only going to make me smarter about my nutrition and stronger with tough training days~!
Hope you are managing to stay cool and enjoying the summer!


  1. I think that training in the heat will make you a better triathlete come race day. It doesn't matter if the race is hot or cold.

    Yes long bikes on hot days and scalding tarmac are a challenge, I'm doing mine as early as possible and still catching 30C at the end.

  2. Wow, great workouts! It's great that you're mixing up the solo and group, hard training and social.

  3. Definite connect in Madison post event - Adult Bev for you...H2O for me! haha - keep it up

  4. I hate the heat. Low 30s for me is fine, but this humidex in the 40s is too much. Maybe if I were a stronger runner I wouldn't mind as much. :)