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Thursday, January 6, 2011

HHmmm! I seem to love training....

A great start to the day!! 
Was up at 5AM for a run today, although short it was great.  Getting up at that time for anything but a vacation is insane.  As I roll out of bed I question why I am doing it.  'Hey stupid, you are going to LULU for a run tonight, why are you up at this hour!' I moan and bitch a little as I make my way out the door.  Not a word out of my mouth for the first 20 minutes, but then I wake up and realize how much I love being out there.  Out training at such an insane hour even though I think it is ridiculous and then finding a groove and kicking some butt!!  I discovered after last nights run that the offseason means I have to regain some running strength.  I am not worried as it is so far ahead of the game, and I am also starting off far ahead of where I was last year.  I am however committed to putting in a solid training regimen all winter so that I go into the summer far stronger a runner than ever!! Using my own advice I am going to put in a lot more tough run workouts than ever and go into IM Canada a run machine(as much of a machine as one can be at IM)  While training for Hamilton I tried some new training ideas and they worked well, so I am going to build them into my build phase and see what results I can get.  I still think running sucks, but I thought the same of swimming when I wasnt able to do it decently.
Following the morning run, a amazing yoga practice to light up the day!  It never stops surprising me how physically and mentally strong I am after a great yoga practice.  It is such a great balance to hold as training begins and throughout the season to build focus, flexibility and control.  The hour seems to go by in 5 minutes, and the focus away from the real world distractions can not be replaced with anything else(I suppose to many drinks might do it, but the benefits are not there)  Now that I am teaching as well, it has added another depth to being on my matt.  Looking to reach new places in each pose, exploring where my mind stops me from pushing myself further and then allowing it to open up.  As I continue to practice and be a triathlete I am looking forward to the full transferance and ability to take if off my matt onto the road.  I have been able to take it to the pool and use it in practice and in racing.  The ability to focus my breathing and to regain a centered mind when it gets tough has become randomly simple for me.  It has made me a more efficient and quicker swimmer as a result.  More miles and more matt and it will become a skill that I can use everyday as an athlete.
As the day is coming to a close I am gettin ready for a last inspirational workout.  I will be heading out the LULULEMON for a community run with runners from all backgrounds and to ideally lead them towards new heights.  I am also planning a YOGA for runners session with them in order to introduce the benefits of the sport and the practice to as many new people as possible.  I am looking forward to another great run.  Tonight will be particularly entertaining as it will be a run in the snow, just a little more to the challenge of winter!
Happy training!  Cheers!


  1. So busy, amazing how you have the time and energy to fit it all in.

  2. what Kovas said!

    your return to posting has somehow infused some enthusiasm to my own training!


  3. You always get me fired up. Go John go!

  4. Your enthusiasm is infectious! Reading this makes me want to go try yoga again, because I'd love to be in that place you described.

    I sort of go through the same thing at 5am when I get up for masters swim... "why am I doing this? I should be in bed where it's cozy and warm?" but, as soon as I get to the pool I'm SO happy to be there.