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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Feelin Groovy!!

Spent some time last night with an athlete putting together a training program for her for an upcoming race. She is super committed and I know she will put in the work for a great result, this is the second race that I am training her for and I am looking forward to it!  She is great to train as well as she wont stop when being pushed so it makes my push harder when I do some of the workouts with her!
After the training session last night I thought I would enjoy the winter and go snowshoeing rather than a run.  Nice cold night and great snow, why not.  There is a great 10k trail that we run on  in the summer that I headed out to play on.  BOO!  The entrance to the trail was blocked with no real other options to get access.  Oh well, running was what I am meant to be doing so I did.  I was an amazing run.  Although it was short, it was damn fast.  I did not have my watch on, but based on the clock at home, I ran 5k at a 4:30'ish pace and felt great the entire time.  I started strong and finished it stronger, feelin groovy the entire run.  As I was pushing along I felt myself using mental training that I have worked on coming into play.  Taking the feeling and the pace and tucking into my head for future events, not letting myself get mentally tricked into thinking that it was getting tough.  One foot in front of the other I kicked the entire run into a fun one.  Last Thursday I had the same kind of night out, I am hoping that this is a precedent setting pace and feeling for the season!
I topped off a great run from last night with a wicked swim this morning!  Kick, pull, swim!!! repeat!  Although it was only a 2000m swim, it felt awesome the entire time.  I am now starting to bring in some tougher drills in order to get faster.  Over the coming weeks I will also make the practices longer so that I am leaving the pool spent.  My goal is not to take a lot of time of my swim, however, I do want to get out of the water with more energy that last season!  If 2-3 minutes come off my time as a result, it is all a bonus!  That being said, I am doing a couple of sprints this summer that have a wager attached, so the fast swimming will come in handy.  If you have any good drills that you believe were game changers for your swim speed, please share them with me, I would be happy to tie them into my practice.
This evening I spent developing a session that incorporates all those things that make me smile.  I prepared a session that that I will deliver later this week, YOGA FOR RUNNERS AND SKIERS.  Does it get better than that?!  A chance to teach to a group a yoga practice that I love involving the 2 sports that I think ROCK!  I am looking forward to a great session with an enthusiastic group, and ideally in the process some new clients and yoga followers to grow with!
So, as I said in the title of my blog today, it was a wicked day and I am 'Feeling Groovy!'

Cheers to you!


  1. Very nice! I think you have the right approach to the swim--get faster, but not spend too much time on it b/c the dividends of a faster swim aren't quite as much as the other two.

  2. I am working on my swimming. I don't have any advice for ya on that! But so cool you are training someone, I am sure she will rock it.