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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Brrrr! It's cold out there!!

This is one of the colder weekends that I can remember as an adult.  Yesterday was -15C and today was a cool -19C.  Most logical people would be bundled up inside avoiding the outdoors at all costs.  Well, I guess skiers and triathletes must be a little short of a full deck!!  I was loving it and outside for 13 hours over the past 2 days taking all that mother nature had to offer!  How smart are skiers???  Put on a pair of plastic boots, that are 1/2 size small so that you can get better ski performance, and go outside until your feet are so cold you cant feel them.  Then, you come in for 15 minutes to thaw them out so you can get out as quickly as possible to do it again.  The pathetic thing is, I would do it every day if I could.  I would chase snow around the planet to be able to enjoy the pain in my feet!  The weekend was cold, but WOW it was amazing to ski on such good snow.
Yesterday was a great day because of the extreme cold.  Over the week there was some new snow and hte cold helps the snow to set really well making it great for performance training.  I spent Saturday training my clients how to carve a turn throughout the entire arc.  It is great to see the changes from them.  Three weeks ago when we started our winter training, many of them were skidding throughout the entire turn. It was enjoyable skiing for them, but very tentative with not a lot of performance and energy.  In a short time they are now starting to ski in a manner that is dynamic, live and exciting.  They are skiing and showing how they can build speed in every turn, building energy and managing it.  It is great, for me it is a sign that the strategies that I have chosen are working.  They are finishing each day with a smile and sharing with me that they are feeling more confident!  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!
 I finished the day yesterday teaching a yoga class to a ski team of 8-9 year olds.  What an adventure!  Put 20+ kids in a room and suggest to them that they need to be quiet for 30 minutes!?  Yeah right!  It was a blast!  I managed to capture 80% of them and had them stretching, smiling and laughing for the class time.  A bonus is all the adults that were there were also excited.  As a result next week I will be teaching the adults a class after skiing. It will be a class that will happen each week until the end of the ski season.  It will be a great opportunity to continue to develop my teaching and to share with others the benefits of a great practice.  Being able to do 2 things that I enjoy so much is a great way to spend a weekend!
Today was another crazy frigid day, but once again, the ski conditions were impeccable making the freezing a slight inconvenience and not a big issue.   I spent the morning doing blazing fast turns on perfectly firm snow. It was so cold that standing and talking were not an option, moving as much as possible was the only way to keep warm.   Every inch of my body and face was covered to protect from frostbite, and after my feet went numb it was a great great day!
Another day of freeze is ahead of us, so it is good that tomorrow is a day in the pool and not a run day.  I can do my workout without freezing myself!  Hooray!  I can do my run the following day when the temperature is  ore acceptable.  I hope you had an amazing weekend!
Happy training this week!


  1. Yeah, we have the freeze too!! Sounds like a blast skiing though! The lift rides are always the worst on those cold days.

  2. Damned cold! My car battery died on me today! One more excuse for me missing my run today! :D

  3. I just couldn't get out and run today - just too cold. I stayed "in" and worked out ... in my unheated garage gym. Good on ya for getting out and staying out!