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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Giddee up!

That is the week that I have had!  No particular single reason, just a whole bunch of great things in a row!  All the things that made it great are somewhere in my little head, I wont bore you with all the small details!  Leave it at, it was great!
One of the fun things that I have done for the past year is share my thoughts as a Facebook post.  Those who know me are aware that I am a crazy positive person, I can find a silver lining out of the darkest cloud.  I also like to share with others my thoughts and ideas so that I may make a small difference in the way they are thinking on a particular day or in their life in general.  As I post on FB it is great when I get comments about a post changing a persons day, or asking where the happy pills are from.  This week a couple of people posted and it added a smile to my face knowing that it added a smile to their face.
Another fun event this week was a discussion with my wife and her sister about a seminar they were discussing.  The seminar was about how productivity is lost because people focus on the negative energy that surrounds them.  People day dream about the  bad according to this person who was presenting.  I do agree that we do focus on the more difficult things in our life and it can be a distraction.  However, a 2 hour presentation about how we focus on negative is the most unproductive way to try and engage an audience ever.  Whenever a person begins to talk to me about 'bad stuff' I begin to shut down.  So, I gave my 2 cents about the elements of focus and how we can become more productive and successful if we allow us to manage those distractions,  It does not matter if it good or bad, loss of focus is loss of focus!!  Learning to deal with those distractions and how to come back to where you are supposed to be is what a person should be teaching.  I am going to!!!  Before the end of this year I am going to do a presentation to a corporate group on focus and productivity, and it will be the most engaging and positive session they have participated in this year!!
This is a blog about training isnt it??   What training did I do this week??  Well, I did do an skicross officials course.  The CANADA SKICROSS World Cup event is at Blue Mountain in 2 weeks and I am  helping out.  If you are in Ontario, come and check it out, it is an amazing ski race with 80 of the best athletes in the world in attendance.  A bonus, CANADA is dominating the world cup!  They are on the podium at almost every event they have been at this year!  Come and check it out, I will be somewhere on the side of the hill, wave at me as you ski by!
Training in the pool and on the road also was a great time.  My speeds are getting faster and my effort is getting more efficient.  I am now starting to introduce drills back into my swim in order to continue to get stronger.  I am still amazed with the progress that I have made in a year on a self coached approach to swimming.
The runs this week were also totally great!!  Each run I seem to be getting stronger, able to push a little harder and dig a little deeper.  I guess a season of good training has changed my thoughts and way of training and it seems to be starting to pay off a bit.  Tonight I did a short run and was able to blast through it like a rabbit!  I did another couple of runs this week and I was able to do the same kind of run.  I am enjoying what it is like and I am looking forward to starting to log some miles and becoming a runner.  It will be a big part of what it will take to make my IM this year a better race.
  My other training sessions this week was the one for my head.  I love my yoga practice for all of the benefits both physical and mental.  This week I also taught a class which is great therapy as well.  Sharing with others the benefits of yoga is a great reward for the benefits it has given me.  This weekend I am starting to teach a class to the ski instructors at the club that I teach at, what a great time that will be. A chance to share with new people and have them gain the benefits of some quiet time spent.
I hope your week has been as incredible as mine!  Stay positive, believe in your goals and dont lose focus.  You will achieve them if you dont get stuck on the clutter you create to slow yourself from the success!  Cheers!

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