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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Gidee with excitment!!

Ski season officially kicks off for most today with the first day of ski school programs underway!  It is like the first day of school and I am excited!  Hehe!  Time to go play with my weekend friends!
Over the year I live a double life, one on the ski hill and another back home.  I always look forward to this time of year as I get to see all my friends that I have not seen since March.  I spend 6 hours a day 2 days a week for the winter, but they become good friends over that time.  Today will be a great day of catch up and learning what everyone did over the summer.  I cant wait to hear and share stories of peoples adventures and what they learned, conquered and enjoyed.
As well as sharing time with friends, the other great thing about today is teaching skiiing.  I LOVE teaching and getting out to start  a 9 week teaching session brings a smile to my face and a ton of excitement to the day for me.  Today I get to ski my heart out and set new goals with a group.  OVer the course of the next 9 weeks I will execute a strategic plan so that they have ideally reached the goals that tehy were looking to reach.  And along the way, having a lot of laughs, probably a few rolls down the hill or through some gates and a great opportunity to teach and learn, share and enjoy being outside!
One of the great bonuses of skiing it is a great form of cross training.  Most people question that   it is, but I challenge you to come and follow me for a day!! It can hurt!! A full day non stop skiing aggressively can take a  little out of you.  I do generally follow the day up with a yoga practice to stretch and enjoy the culmination of a day fulfilling my all time favorite sport.  The other cool thing about skiing is the apres!!!  A couple of cold beers, a hottub and great laughs for the day!
So, if you dont like winter, get over it!  Get a pair a couple of friends together and head out to the nearest hill.  BOok a ski lesson and try it out!  It will give you a new perspective on winter and you will have a ton of fun as you make your day down the hill!
I have to run, freezing cold out and I need to get out there and enjoy first tracks!  Have a Happy Saturday and I look forward to hearing about your day!  Cheers!

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  1. Ski season kicked off on Saturday for me too! And YES, it is definitely a great form of cross training. On Sunday, my core muscles and my legs were noticeably sore in some places where muscles hadn't been used much lately... happy skiing :)