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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Finding my Stride!~

The off season is a great time to rejuvenate the mind and to get set for the new season!  I am now getting into the new season and getting my leg under me.  I was up at 450AM this morning to go out for a morning run, YEAH! One of the joys of the being a triathlete is getting up at that time of day, isn't it fun!!
I was on the road at 515AM for a short 5k run in -10C weather.  As I was running I was wondering why the hell I was out at that time of morning, I could have been in bed wrapped up in my cocoon and still drooling on my pillow. It did not take long before I did find my stride and realized I was out because I love it!  Freezing my face and losing the feeling in my fingers is actually a great way to wake up!  It' much better than watching the news!!
I finished my run at the yoga studio to spend an hour feeding my mind.  I talked yesterday about the mind being one of the most important things to be trained and yoga is one of the primary ways that I get my mind exercise.  I am able to spend one hour of time totally focused on the physical elements that I use every day in the sports that I  participate in, and adding strength, flexibility, balance and mental focus that I would not be able to find otherwise.   It is my time to be with me and to have to focus on nothing else, I encourage everyone to try it and give it a chance to come into your sport.
I alo finished the day with another great run.  Tonights run at LULU was the true start of the run season for me.  As I was running I found myself moving along and finding my second wind, that is the wind for the season.   I felt amazing, like I could have kept running all night long with no effort.  It was a cold run with a lot of people joining us and it was the best I have felt in a long time.  I have taken the feeling that I had this evening and bottled it so I can drink a little of it when I am on the track or ready to vomit at the top of a hill in a couple of weeks.  One good day can get you through 10 bad ones if you keep it all in perspective and look back to the good events!
All together it was a great day! Two great runs, a wicked yoga class and some energy in a bottle for the start of the season.  I am looking forward to some great training coming up as today was the perfect spring board into awesomeness!  Hold on and watch me go!  I am looking forward to seeing how this trip unfolds!

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  1. as sick as that sounds lately I have felt the same: running in the cold especially in the morning is a fantastic way to kick off the day!

    nice running love the effortless Lulu run!