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Monday, November 1, 2010

Let the games begin!

It appears for me that blogging may be synonymous with triathlon training??  Why do I say that?  Well, I was at the pool today and put my bike on the trainer this weekend.  As I got out of the pool today, right away I was thinking about how I needed to get back to blogging and reconnect with all the awesome people that I have virtually met and all the fun that being here each day can be.  I have been remiss as a have been running and working in sharing adventures and being a part of what you are all up to!  I miss it! So here I am and hopefully can get back to my routine as I get the ball rolling again.
For the past few weeks running has been the menu item of choice.  I can stand to make the most improvement in this area so it not all that and an idea.   I have made some improvement and ideally I can keep the momentum going on what I have started with.  I have enjoyed it even though running is the least favourite of the disciplines for me.
Today after a bit of a break I was back in the pool!  All I can say is WAHOO!  I loved it, I had such a great swim practice it was over the top.  After not being in the pool for 5+ weeks I rocked my swim.  I did a short distance to start, doing a 1600m ladder swim with a 100m to finish up an set a benchmark for my training this season.  The entire swim was relaxed and easy with no issues with any part of it.  I feel like I am picking up where I left off.    My stroke count is a little high, but it is the first day after a break.  It gives me one point of focus as I start the training for the season. After a great swim I finished it with a 100m to see where I was at.  I managed to get it done in a 1:29, it was a sprint swim, but it felt good.  By the 4th x 25m my stroke count was a little higher, but I got to the wall in what is now my benchmark for the year.  Overall a great day and a great start to being back in the water.  I am aiming for a couple of times a week until Christmas to set a base and get ready for some more intense sessions in the New year. As I did not do any kind of speed work last year there will be a lot of that fun stuff this season.  I look forward to the pain and the adventure and seeing where I might get to with a little different work than last season.
I also got the bike downstairs and ready to get on the trainer.  I am going to wait until next week to light that up as I have a marathon this weekend. So getting on to burn the legs is not likely the smartest idea right now.  Last year I did not get on my trainer until March, so this is super early.  My goal is to do a couple of months of maintenance then build some power before starting into the program in early spring. Although IMCanada is my A race next season, I want to see what I can improve in a sprint race as well. This season I managed some good times, but I feel I can pick it up a couple more KMH.  I want to see if I can manage some 40+kmh races in next couple of years.
So, all that being said!!!!  I am back on.  My passive active break is now over and it is go time once again. After all it is less than 300 days until my next IM so I better get busy!
Thank you to all that sent me notes for my current goal that I am working towards.  They have all been sent to the right person and now I wait anxiously!
Cheers and Happy Monday!


  1. Wahoo!! haha
    Good luck with the position John, I really hope you get it. As others said your positive mojo helps us all!

    I picked up a yoga book that is helping me: Bikram Yoga, I am enjoying it - I think you might like it? Next up if I can carve out the time this winter Born to Run


  2. Welcome back! I'm planning my come back blog to go along with my training come back as well. This week is all about getting back into a routine and most training back to it's high priority spot!

  3. Hello! Blogging does go with training.

    Best of luck with the position, I hope you get it - you are so full of positive energy I can't imagine you wouldn't! Good luck.

  4. hey! good to see you back on the blog and the water, looks like a your swimming hasn't had a holiday, he he he.