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Monday, November 8, 2010

OK! Now it's off season,time to get some serious training done!!!

Another swim, bike, run season officially done!  The greatest year of my life and experience as an athlete behind me with a world of memories and possibilities ahead. I can;t believe what I have accomplished in the past year and yestreday was a fitting way to put a bow on a great season.  Usually I would have the Santa shuffle in December, but I am going skiing instead!  If the apres is weak maybe I will go for an honorary 5k at the ski resort, NOT!!! 
I finished off the season yesterday with the Hamilton Road to Hope Marathon.  After IM I decided another race was in order to serve as a benchmark for my first attempt at a BQ next spring.  I had to relax a bit and let IM sink in and not train to hurt myself.  My training was not super intense and was about 1 month worth of some speed work.  My longest run in the training was a 27k run  that sucked.  But, with a base built from IM it was a day to go out and see what I could do.  I had a great day based on what I put into it and I did set a new bar and level to work from and towards.  My previous PB was  a 3:57:25 at my Boston bandit run this year.  Yesterday I managed at 3:45:16!!  I consider that a great run for myself with the lack of non run-specific training I have put in.  A friend of mine paced me for the day and I owe her a great thank you for pushing me to that result.  I though at one time I would puke, another time I my head spinning like I was going to pass out!  She pushed me through it all and made it a good result!
Now, the training starts!  I have the lessons from this year and a platform to build my training from.  For all of the swim, bike and run and know where I can make changes to give me improvement in races.  Mentally I gained insight into pain this year and I can not develop some management tools to push me harder next year.  The next couple of months will be spent swim, bike and running with a little fluff built in and then I will start on a 2 cycle program leading up to IM.  Knowing what I do now will make the next year of training a new adventure.  I will now be adding some intensity to what I am doing.  This past season was a little more about getting the miles in and learning about IM.  Now I know, so it is a year to turn it up a notch and see if I can add a little 'race' element to the season and not just be out there to finish. 
I cant not in a million words describe how 'cool' this season has been.  I am a new person having done what I have this year.  I look forward to continuing to charge down this road and seeing where it brings me.  I hope along the way to inspire a couple of people, maybe turn a head or two.  Mostly, continue to Live for my Dreams and love what I am doing!
A big shout out to Q on the Move!  Yesterday he picked me out at the beginning of the race and came over and gave me the high five.  It is so cool how the virutal world can become real and how it can serve to motivate and inspire!  Thanks Q, served a great help along the road!


  1. 3:45!!!! NICE WORK! You've just laid the ground work for your BQ next year. Boston's gonna' be a party in 2012.

  2. Wow--that's huge! Congrats on a great day and perfect end to your season.

  3. Nice race, especially without specific training, good omen for a BQ in Spring!

  4. Possibilities ahead!! what a year bro way to go huge congrats!


  5. Totally awesome. Congrats. You shaved off soooo much time. The sky is the limit for you.

  6. J, big Congrats!!! Great time and you never cease to amaze me. Nice work.