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Monday, October 25, 2010

Chasin' the dream! NEED YOUR HELP!!!

So, the past few days have been up and down for training!  This work thing seems to get in the way and I cant say that I am lovin that a bunch!  Well, reality is bound to have to come into play from time to time!
I am doing something about addressing that reality!  One of the great pleasures I get is in organizing events and situations which allow others to accomplish the goals that they have for themselves.  I have had a great deal of fun over the year building that opportunity with LULULEMON.  A great opportunity has come available for me to continue to build and develop this!  They are looking for a community guru for eastern Canada.  A person who helps to coordinate and organize events throughout to promote the LULULEMON culture and ambassadors throughout the region.  An opportunity to work at creating, inspiring and motivating others to reach their dreams and goal!  A position and place to train and motivate each and every day!
Hoping you can help contribute to this opportunity!  If you believe that I can motivate and inspire others to reach for the best they can, please leave a post comment that I can add to my list!  I am going to take all responses and forward them to the recruiter who is going to speak with me about the position.  Any positives that you may share would be awesome!  Thank you for being honest and contributing to the accomplishment of Livin the Dream!
This week saw me take one extra day off !  I missed one speed workout, wont kill me though. On the weekend I had a great tempo run and a good long run on Sunday. Although the SUnday run was good I did have some cramping in my legs again.  I am quite certain that hydration is the key reason behind it!  SInce IM I have not been as diligent with my hydration, and towards the end of my run  can not seem to get enough water into me!  So, I am now back on the counting my water to make sure that I can eliminate that possibility as to why I am cramping.  Otherwise the run has been great, felt strong and smooth throughout, like I could keep going for a while!
Another great development this week has been teaching yoga!  I had an opportunity to teach in a class setting.  It was awesome!  Although a short practice, being able to be in a studio with other instructors getting feedback is a great positive.  The feedback was good and has given me some great direction to move ahead and continue to develop.  Come the new year I hope to have my own class one to tow days a week.  An opportunity to share with others my passion will be a great opportunity to continue to grow in both my yoga and overall training!  Further allowing me to chase where I want to be!  You will have to come out and join me for a class once I get started!  Promise it will be a blast!
I hope you training and of season rest is a good time!  Continue to visualize your gaols and remember not to let a small set back deter you from the big vision!  If you believe in it you will conquer!
Thank you all for any comments that you share!


  1. Good luck with this! I think it's great that you've been so active with the Ironman but also with all the other things you do. You'd make an awesome community ambassador.

  2. You have definitely inspired me. Your enthusiasm and passion are contagious. Once we manage to buy a house in the west side of GTA, probably in the summer of next year, I look forward to attending your training classes. I know that I'll get a blast from them.

    Best of luck with getting the Lululemon Community Guru job. You have an easy going personality whenever you are with other people and a Type A personality when it comes to accomplishing your goals. Like Kovas said, you'd make an awesome community ambassador.

  3. John,
    It was great to see you race and finish the Ironman Wisonsin this year! It was even more of a thrill to follow your journey, as we were able to follow how you were able to integrate family, work, and your Lululemon efforts. You helped those individuals at the store, and also those of us connected to your blog push harder to "Hit thet Goal"!

    best of luck


  4. I know we have never met but reading your blog and all the things you have gotten up to in the past year have definately get me inspired to progress with my goal of reaching the 70.3. You have always since we met virtually had nothing but positive posts describing the ups and downs you face and how you have overcome them. You always have nice and reinforcing comments on my blog, and for that I am grateful.

    I wish you all the best and know that if they chose you for community ambassador that they would never regret it. Goodluck.

  5. John,
    reading your blog is always a pleasure an and inspiration. Your positive attitude makes every obstacle in this sport/work/blog lifestyle seem a little one. Following you progress towards IM and your big gains in the three disciplines plus the yoga and roga and everything else that comes to the mix is a joy.
    Extra to that you introduced me to the LULULEMON brand that I didn't know it retails in New Zealand,
    good luck!

  6. I think you'd be a great community ambassador! You are always upbeat and positive. Your IM training, racing and reflection posts were very inspiring!

    Don't worry about missing one speedwork session right now. If anything, now is the time to get the extra rest! My coach actually told me no running speedwork 'til 2011...

  7. J, you are the man. That position has you written all over it. I don't know anyone who is more deserving.


  8. Nice stuff here. Enjoyed reading the post.