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Friday, November 5, 2010

What's your excuse!

The last race of the season is this weekend, I am looking forward to doing it.  I will say I am also looking forward to it being done.  I love training, but I am looking forward to train to train for a couple of monhts and putting away the train to race shoes.  It looks like it is going to be a great weekend for a race.  The temperature at about 5-6celcius and sun.  Can't ask for better race weather than that.  It is a big downhill race with about 6-7k down a fairly agressive down, so a little strategy is in order if finihsing it with my quads still able to move is in order.
This week has been an easy week.  I was in the pool on Wednesday again and had another relaxing swim as I continue and start my build phase up.  I love that I am swimming 1600m as an easy day without any effort when last year, 1600m was a new personal best and I was cooked after doing it.  The only challenge I am faced with is having to get my core re-ignited for the swim training.  I found my lower back gets sore as I have been swimming this week.  Lucky for me a good yoga practice takes care of loosening that up and getting me back on track.
Running this week has been an easier effort.  I did a 6k run with a new athlete on Wednesday and another great Lululemon run last night with a big group.  The group is still growing with a keen interest in maintaining it over the winter.  I am looking forward to winter training and keeping people inspired to be out there in the snow. 
I want to put  a question out to all of you.  Quite easy and promises to be quite entertaining.  We all are craxy type A's who arent big on stopping for much.  But, once in a while we do come up with a great story as to why we should skip a workout.  I want to hear them all!!  PLease share with me your 1-2-3 best excuses for not going out for a run.  Only looking for excuses, the real stuff isnt nearly as fun or entertaining.  I will make up the list for all to share in laughter.
I want to send out a high five to all those racing this weekend!  IM Florida, kick some serious ass!  Love hte race, smell the roses and enjoy the experience, it is awesome beyond words!  New York marathoners, run like you have never run before!  Hamilton Marathon runners, see you on the hill!  Dont run to close to me I dont want to hit yo with a snot rocket, the cold weather makes my nose run!
Happy weekend!


  1. Good luck this weekend. As to crazy excuse--here"s crazy--I don"t have one..I seriously only skip if there"s a good reason for it. hmmm, not so healthy!

  2. Good luck this weekend!

    I don't skip too many workouts, but of the ones I do skip, ~95% involve getting up really early, and the excuses usually follow this pattern: "it's 5:00am.. I'm supposed to (insert swim/bike/run workout) now... but I think my legs are still pretty sore and tired from that (insert: recent lifting session/race/hard workout, etc), and the extra sleep would be good for me, so i'm going to go back to sleep til 7:30 instead...yeah, recovery is important..."

    I call it "early morning logic". It makes perfect sense at 5am, but at 8am when I realize I blew my shot for a workout for the day, it doesn't seem so logical.

  3. I am with Anne Marie - if I something happens so I have to do my workout at night, then a zillion things come up that make it HARD to get that workotu in. Lesson to me? Get your butt out of bed and out the door.

    Good luck, have fun at the race!!

  4. My wife and I go swimming together. She's the type that needs motivation to get off the bed, so when I'm feeling lazy I always consult with her... I know always the answer is going to be "let's stay in bed" he he he

  5. Hah Valen! I use the 'blame it on the wife' excuse frequently.

    I know if I consult with her, my chances of going are slim to none lol! She needs me to poke and prod her, but ultimately I dont make much of an effort so she won't get up, and thus - I don't go.