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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Yahoo! I love training!!!

A couple of days into a new energy and it is awesome!  It is so crazy how relaxing can be such a tiring process.  A few weeks of only doing one discipline wore me out?  Go figure??  My friends thought it was great that I was 'able to relax' after the pre IM training.  If they only knew how it was wearing on me, heck, I did not even know how it was.  Now, that all being said, I am not going to go bonkers and get back full swing.  Getting back in the pool has been a great reminder of how much I love training and the whole sport of trialthon.
Over the past few weeks I have had some wicked cramps in my glute and quad from running.  About 25-30k into a run it was nasty.  Almost all the time I could feel some restriction in that side as I walked or practiced yoga.  This week I have been out to yoga 3 times as well as the pool a couple of times and it seems to be getting better.  Losing the agravation wont make me any faster today, but it will allow me a clearer mind that I am not about to snap as I start a mini build til the holiday season.  I dont know if it is the yoga giving it a repeated good strtech or if it is the swim moving some focus away from only one area.  Whatever it is I am happy about it and going to keep at it.
Last night I did an easy 6km run with the Lulu group as out regular night out.  With the marathon this weekend, I laid back a bit working to keep it reasonable and not push. It felt good with a good HR and a decent pace.  The weather is amaazing for running right now with it being nice and cool and without win the last few days.  I hope it is like this for the race on the weekend, it would be almost perfect race weather.
After run last night I went to the Power Yoga Canada first birthday party.  Much like them it has been a year sonce I got on my mat.  What a great night!  A good time to thank them for creating an amazing community, as well as a good time to reflect on the past year for myself as an athlete and a yogi!!  It is exciting to be a part of the team there.  I was also told that I will be on the class schedule starting January when the new studio opens up.  Being able to share my practice with others is something that I look forward to, it is a great opportunity for my own practice development and obviously for me as a teacher of yoga and other sports.  I hope you can join me some time for an hour of heat and power vinyasa to experience how good it is for you.
After a great swim to start the day, it is time to go out and start the grind!  I  love the challenge of work, I just beed a couple more years to have that challenge be my dream!  Never stop reaching for that dream, it is in reach you just need to beleive in yourself and it will happen!
Have an awesome hump day!


  1. Good to hear you're feeling good - enjoy the marathon this weekend!

  2. great news about the niggles coming right.

  3. I love how enthusiastic you are about training!

    I am planning to do some yoga in my off-season in Dec. It's something that I'm trying to get into more, but just don't have the time during the regular season.