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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Another great week!

Yeah, the off season is a tough time to keep things up to date!  This work thing and training and the start of ski season is keeping me quite active!
This week I did a few short runs following Hamilton letting the runs and the training sink in a bit before starting to the gears back on track.  I did a Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday run.  Added a swim in there for training entertainment.  Probably one of the more relaxing weeks this year.  Oddly enough, not a bit of guilt about it.  Chilling out feels damn good some times.
Running this week was not about any goal.  I was out getting some miles in and getting the post race kinks out of my system.  they were slower runs(still a lot faster than in the past) and I enjoyed them without a watch or HR monitor.  I am feeling strong on my feet in comparison to last year,actually almost enjoying being out for runs!  I am going to spend the next few weeks going slow and easy.  I want to ramp up come Christmas time, until then I am going to run easy and keep the legs turning.  Any off season strategies to share with me?  I am going to consider November and December off season for run and then ramp it up from that point.
This week I only did one swim as well.  Kinda of a slacker week if I look back at it!  Oh well!  Like the past couple of times out, it rocked.  I feel myself gaining strength in the water and gaining form each time out.  Quite similar to running, I am putting miles in right now with some light drill work.  Without the intensity I hope to make some gains for when I turn it up.  This week I did do a few kick drills, WOW!  I have gained immensely on the kicking from where I was before IM. I felt like I was going twice the speed at hold the effort.  Don't know what I have changed, but it seems to be working.  I will keep it up for now and then see what happens when I get it going hard!
One of the areas that I was a slacker on for the past season was doing weights!  Enough being a slouch, if I am going to speed it up and get to the end without needing a nap, I need to get it all done.  So this week marks the start of some new pain tools.  I am going to get into the gym after each swim practice whether I like it or not.  I don't know what the black is for me.  I don't really mind it, but just don't seem to get there when I should!  So, now i have put it out there it is time to get it done!  So, I am now going to get pumped up!  LOL
I hope you are all kicking butt in the offseason and looking forward to what next year will bring for you. Remember, LIVE FOR YOUR DREAMS!  It rocks!


  1. I'd never even consider you to be a slacker...LOL...

    Yup, once you've written something down or said it out loud, the universe will hold you to it...Have a great butt-kicking workout getting ready for Ironman Canada, too bad it is on the other side of the country, I'd say I go to cheer you on....hmmmm, maybe, just maybe....

  2. So glad to hear your pool training is coming along swimmingly :) And I for one don't think oyu are a slacker at all.