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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Run, run, run!!! In min/k pace not miles!

Thank you to everyone who is saying that I am running fast!  It feels great to be considered a fast runner, although you all have to know that my pace is in min/k not miles!  If I was running that kinds pace in miles I would not be going to work each day I would be a pro!!
This single event training is for the birds!  I enjoy doing all 3 disciplines for better than a single focus on running!  But, in a short time I am starting to see changes and as I suggested earlier these will translate well into my IMCA training when I switch back to full IM training.  For the rest of the fall and into the early part of the winter my training is going to remain here.  The run will make a big difference in an overall IM time and this is the only way I am going to make some big improvements!
Over the course of the week I did manage to collect a cold to help me out with my training as well.  I woke up on Thursday AM and my throat was the worst I can ever remember it being!  I stayed in bed in a little longer in order to try and help it move along.  Over the rest of the week it kinda stayed calm until last night when it came on a true cold.  Nothing like nose dripping down your face as you run down the street.  What  it did not do was stop me from doing my workouts!  I did allow the little man to tempt me though, thank you for the friend who told me to get my lazy ass running!
Wednesday this week my running/yoga group reconvened for the fall to keep running together.  We are going to keep momentum going into the winter before we turn it up for spring event training.  It is great to be able to keep running with them.  We went out and did a fun 5k at an easy pace to get the training started again!  They are all so keen, I love the fact that 5 people are now runners!  I look forward to bringing many more people along for the run ride and slowly building my triathlete group as well.  It is a blast to see people accomplish their goals from a start point of believing it can not be done!
Thursday was my first 'speed' training day!  I had a 35m run to be done at a <4:50 pace.  Most days my mind stops me from going continuous at that pace.  I can get it going for 2-3k and then I let myself believe that I can not continue.  So, getting ready for the run was a mind test more than a physical test.  I let my cold play into it as well.  Hmmmm!  I have a cold maybe I should not do the hard workout!  No, want going to happen, I knew I should be going out and a little nudge I was out the door!  It was an awesome run!  It was by no means easy!  I was training at what is usually a race pace for me, each step watching my GARMIN and seeing myself keep it up.  WOW!  I finished 35m at a 4:47min/k pace feeling good.  I was very happy with the effort and the accomplishment, and having done it with a cold was a bonus!
Friday was rest day!  Wahoo!  And what a great way to rest, I was at the ski show!  THe season is coming quick and I the show is a great way to get pumped up.  I want to do a couple of trips this winter. The first one being a boys trip that we do at the beginning of each season.  We go to Mt Tremblant and ski and drink!  It is a blast and a great way to get started.  The second trip is the big one!  Ideally be off to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for a week for scary steep and deep skiing!  It is the birth place of extreme skiing and a place that I have wanted to go for a long time!  What could be better than skiing each day down hills that scare the crap out of you!  A week long adrenaline trip.  If anyone out there has an alternate better place to go, please speak! Or if you have been to Jackson Hole, SPILL!  Tell me about your adventure and what I should be looking for! Promise to have some awesome photos and videos from that trip!  I am going to make a goal to scare the shit out of myself at least once every day!
Today was another great run!  Did a 15k at a 5:06min/k pace!  Again, the run felt amazing, my nose running down my face as fast as I was running and I was up to the challenge of staying in front.  I managed to keep steady the entire run and feeling like a runner the whole time.  At no time did I feel like I had to stop because I was tired or could not keep it going.
I dont know if it is a short time of coming back to run only after IM, or all the fitness gained over the summer.  But, something is getting better.  I have been a 'lazy' runner in the past, not pushing myself like a race when out there.  Being out there to finish.  Now, I have shifted to working at it!  Making each run count and having a race gaol mentality to drive me to go hard.  I am liking the mental shift and I am very lucky to have early result to suggest that it can work!  So, I am going to keep running, run til I feel I am going to be sick once in a while, run so it hurts and makes me stronger.  And, run with my legs and body and not my head!
Thank you for the encouragement!
I hope your weekend is absolutely amazing!

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  1. Good job "working at it"!

    have done Yoga 4X over the last week
    thought of you yesterday, and all the work you did over the past 8months with different workshops, etc. I can see how this is going to be helpful for me and my training. I would like to settle in and include it regularly...