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Friday, February 18, 2011


This not being able to do training can be a little taxing.  Yes, there are the great parts that will come of it, but the 2 days that I have been told to chill are dizzying!! I guess even being relaxed is something we choose to do with a little intensity as triathletes.  I am off to the clinic today for some more work and hopefull she gives me the clear to get into the pool.
If I can get into the pool and use that for the next couple of weeks it will give me a good chance to do some good technical focus as I will add some miles to my swim to build fitness.  Having to slow down to not irritate my calf might be a blessing as I then need to keep focused on something to make the workout seem productive.  The fun part will be when my leg is 100%, I get to see how some focused slow time pays off in the long run.
OK, I started this post 3 weeks ago when I injured myself.  I guess posting aimlesly isnt my thing!
I went for my first run last night after following my Dr advise on hte injury.  WOW!  It was so cool to be out running again after a break.  Getting back out makes you realize how you miss something.  I guess it is true, absence makes the heart grow fonder!  I did a short 7k, but felt really good the entire time.  This morning I did have a couple of areas that I could have stretched a little more, but, nothing to be concerned about.
While I was not running, I did spend some great time in the pool.  As I keep working on technique and putting in smaller milee, it seems to be paying off.  I did a 1:24 x 100 the other day which was pleasing.
Well, now that I am uninjured again, it is almost time to get it going full steam.  As soon as I am back from my ski trip I will start into full training mode.  I am looking forward starting and being on a formal scedule.  The floating arounf thing works, but I need to be pushed.
Hope you are doing great! 


  1. great news to get back out there!

  2. Lucky you--I'm glad! And if you check out my blog today, you'll see that I completely relate to issues with chillin'!

  3. So glad it has healed up.As for your 100m time - thats awesome. Well done.